7 Deadly Sins of Sales™

You’ve heard about the 7 classic deadly sins, but what are the7 Deadly Sins of Sales™? (To be honest, there are actually 10 in this presentation and Leigh reserves the right to add more!) During this session,Leigh walks through some of the classic mistakes of salespeople and present multiple ideas for correction. The end result? A more professional sales business paired with the happiest clients on earth, which results in a highly successful business!

ONE OF LEIGH’S MOST POPULAR TOPICS! Now a #1 best-selling book!

Key Takeaways

●      Gain multiple remedies for corrections of common mistakes.

●      Learn how to become a more productive salesperson through intentional changes in behavior and interactions.

●      Establish solid relationships with clients that are built on trust and professionalism.

Additional Information

Topic can be tailored to your event: one hour keynote, three hour class.

* CE eligible upon request.

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Leigh’s topics are built on personal experience running a top-producing real estate team in the Charlotte, NC area. Each session is chock full of ideas that WORK, candid advice on what did not work, and overall the best ways to DELIGHT your clients.