Effective Leadership: More Than Being "Just the Boss"

Having trouble finding your next leader? Through this course, leaders will gain a better understanding of what it means to be an active leader and will be better equipped to handle difficult situations as they arise. Nothing can negatively impact a team’s performance like having an ineffective leader, it leads to an underperforming team, unsatisfied clients, and missed opportunities. Effective, confident, and capable leadership can transform an association. Let your team reach their full potential under improved, positive leadership.

Key Takeaways

●        Gain a better understanding of what being an "effective" leader means.

●        Identify who you are leading. Can you lead without being controlling?

●        Create a cohesive, organized association through effective leadership.


●        Board of Directors

●        State Elected Leadership

●        Local Elected Leadership

Additional Information

Topic can be tailored to your event. Whether it’s in a one hour keynote or three hour class.

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Leigh’s topics are built on personal experience running a top-producing real estate team in the Charlotte, NC area. Each session is chock full of ideas that WORK, candid advice on what did not work, and overall the best ways to DELIGHT your clients.