Focus. Cultivation. And LEGACY.

“Legacy”.  A word usually reserved for end-of-life solicitations and bulletins at the funeral home. Also, a word that can haunt us as we consider our own personal clock. We wind up saying “YES” to everything, losing focus and gaining exhaustion with every passing week.

What is our goal? Is there a desired end result? Our legacy may be something that’s not going to appear until that distant, unknown future - but it is developing in the seeds we plant now. 

This topic will make you think:

●     How do you find the focus?

●     What seeds will you plant?

●     How will you nurture and cultivate those seeds?

You have the tools! Join Leigh to learn how to best use them.

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Leigh’s topics are built on personal experience running a top-producing real estate team in the Charlotte, NC area. Each session is chock full of ideas that WORK, candid advice on what did not work, and overall the best ways to DELIGHT your clients.