A New Real Estate Year: Fresh/Focused/Forward

A New Real Estate Year: Fresh/Focused/Forward

Leigh will share with you why staying fresh, keeping focused and moving forward should be any professional REALTOR®’s goal in the New Year or whenever you need a reset. For the times they are a-changin’. We’ve got to do more than keep up; we’ve got to get ahead of the curve in this new reality.

The only certainty in life is uncertainty and everything is subject to change. Embrace that simple truth, adopt it as your mindset, and you’re halfway there. Hard work will take care of the rest, leading to success.

During this course you will learn how to ask yourself the tough questions that deal with being a real estate professional, knowing your marketplace and how to be a dependable resource for your customers and community. How to be honest with yourself and be open to what could be done better, more efficiently, then identify what must be done to make that happen. Know your marketplace, take the time to understand your customers’ needs, give them dependable information and “go the extra mile.” In these challenging times, going the extra mile can be as simple as providing reassurance, being a steady, professional presence in the lives of our clients. That’s what they will remember. We want to go forward.

This course offers fresh thinking on how to stay focused on our mission. Moving forward will follow with knowledge gleaned from the course, taught by renowned author, motivational speaker and successful REALTOR®, Leigh Brown.

Key Takeaways:

Objective#1: Adapting to the New Reality.

Objective#2: Sticking with just the facts.

Objective#3: Managing your new calendar.

Objective#4: Creating the right kind of social media presence.

Objective#5: Understanding pillars of being a resource for clients and the community.