Hope *is* a Business Plan

In real estate, it seems we're either burning both ends of the candle or wondering when the next client will appear. In this wildly competitive business, there is a need to figure out personal branding as well as the articulation of the importance of the Realtor® – all while paying the bills and creating a sustainable business.

You'll leave this session with a renewed focus for your branding and marketing plan – with tools to implement for putting that plan into action-and with a new vigor for what association life can do for your attitude plus your clients.

Key Takeaways:

• Gain a new focus on explaining and selling the American dream for every neighbor, every zip code.

• Implement basic sphere systems that will create consistency and excellence, regardless of time spent in real


• Realtor® community advocacy/volunteering as a way to build accountability and fellowship for attitude



• Leadership development

• RPAC/Political Advocacy

• Personal Branding