Missionary Style Real Estate

Missionary Style Real Estate

You may think we’re talking old school mailers, maybe we are!?! maybe we aren’t!?!? Learn how to directly engage with customers offline, non-digital, to create that must-have personal connection with them, to foster the anticipation and overall trust. Out of the box - under the box - over the box - many ways to stay at the forefront of your clients’ and leads’ minds, without the computer or smartphone.  

When you’ve completed this module, you will be skipping with enthusiasm for the new ideas you will walk away with!  Classic and innovative ways to engage your leads and clients in an offline, non-digital way. Strange. But it also still works.  

Brainstorm to develop opportunities for contact and creating exposures.  From having your vehicle wrapped with your image, contact and information — to billboards and signage — to old school mailers & newspaper wraps - to hosting your town’s Fourth of July parade … there are many ways to get your brand buzzing and relationships building while doing things you enjoy! And not in the digital space, but in real life. You remember face-to-face, right?

Takeaways ::

1 - Know how to meet people where they are and have meaningful interactions

2 - Be able to create exposures for your brand and your name as a local expert

3 - Understanding how to be original thinkers regarding your talent