Own Your Style

Own Your Style Break Out of the Fog and Make Strides in 2021

Many Realtors® are looking to revamp their personal brand, style and outlook as we begin to emerge from the fog of these times.  They’re looking for guidance and motivation to become more capable of dealing with our ever-changing circumstances, wanting the know-how to reconfigure sales pitches and value propositions.  Let me show your members or agents how to operate with empathy and expertise, making them feel stronger on their journey to becoming the best service professional, Realtor®, they can be.

Key Takeaways

·       Learn how to find your way back into the marketplace, strong and focused with defined priorities

·       Learn to reconfigure your pitches to differentiate themselves in the crowd

·       Learn how to tune into your client’s needs – whether with an empathetic ear or an aggressive stance

Walk away from this class with a clear plan to make great strides in your Realtor® Life.  Reclaim your time by presenting your most-confident self and vision to your clients, full of clarity, timely advice and empathetic insight.