Top Scripts/Dialogues/Ideas for Buyers and Sellers During the Great Unknown

Zoom in with Leigh Brown virtually as she shares scripts and dialogues for what to say to buyers and sellers who are in various states of confusion, fear, and panic. While there is no perfect answer to solve the world’s problems, there is a systemic approach that relies on an empathetic quality that all REALTORS® and business professionals should strive to showcase. Leigh also provides ideas for action items that can be put into place in your business right now to make you more effective. With all of the crazy happenings taking place in 2020, Leigh is on a mission to find a silver lining to make this year a success both professionally and personally.So, buckle up for a BONUS ride!



Objective#1: Exhibit professional qualities – no matter what platform you are using

Objective#2: Incorporate new techniques into prospective buyer phone contacts

Objective#3: Understand the proper interactions necessary for successful seller communications

Objective#4: Learn how to best evaluate a house for a seller – deliver an honest but productive message

Objective#5: Understand the proper interactions necessary for successful buyer communications

BONUS! Script and dialogue download for all participating attendees!

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