Your Post-COVID Business Plan

Your Post-COVID Business Plan

Did COVID (or a relocation or a massive life event) derail your business? Let's get you back on track with concrete ideas and information to give you the tools for creating the business YOU want. No limiting language here, just be ready to implement to be a part of creating better futures for your neighbors!

It's all about rebooting and re-engaging your clients and your community so that you can create a business plan in a post-COVID world. We're going to engage, have a great time, and make real estate better for everybody.

★ Action items

★ Marketing ideas

★ Ways to re-engage with your community to build your real estate business into everything it can be.

First presented at NAR’s 2021 REALTORS® Conference & Expo:


1. How to make zoom a tool in every kind of market environment

2. Metrics you should be tracking every day

3. Prioritizing your efforts for success today and hitting dreams tomorrow

Target Audience

Early Career Professionals

Sales Agents

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Sales & Marketing Strategies