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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 62: Andre Fajardo

May 2, 2017
25:30 MINS

Andre is a superman when it comes to sales, but came into the industry of real estate with zero experience and zero knowledge. Regardless of this, Andre still managed to build his own successful...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 63: Missi Howell

May 9, 2017
28:08 MINS

Having multiple customers at one time is part of the job in real estate—but, how about when you have 2 customers ready to make an offer on the SAME HOUSE? This is when things can get...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 64: Pauline Relkey

May 16, 2017
10:57 MINS

Back in the day, when dealings for a home went down in person, you’d experience the joy, firsthand, from sellers and buyers alike, when they finally closed that deal. Pauline Relkey was able to...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 65: Alyssa Hellman

May 19, 2017
16:32 MINS

Alyssa did not think that leaving her keys behind would result in her breaking and entering in on her client’s condo unit..let alone that this would happen on her first showing ever. Bad luck?...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 66: Pat Tasker

May 23, 2017
13:20 MINS

Home inspections prove to be an important part of a home buying process – it’s simply an opportunity to know a full, unbiased disclosure of the property you’re getting. Today’s guest...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 67: Steve Weiss

May 26, 2017
18:36 MINS

Realtors help people buy, sell, or lease their homes, but when do their services and responsibility to the client end? A closing or a successfully sold property does NOT necessarily mean the...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 68: Sarah Vander Vloet

May 29, 2017
19:10 MINS

Sometimes the roles and responsibilities of realtors can be a bit fuzzy. Not only do they liaise on your behalf when it comes to selling or buying a home, but for Sarah Vander Vloet, they also...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 69: Laura Czerwinski

June 2, 2017
23:54 MINS

You know those nails pops—the bumps or blemishes on a wall caused by wood studs shrinking—imagine having thousands of them on your newly constructed home. Laura Czerwinski anticipated a few as...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 70: Paula Monthofer

June 6, 2017
17:46 MINS

It’s the final walk-through, everyone is happy and excited about the home, until one hears shrieks coming from the clients. Paula and her clients did not anticipate what would be in the freezer...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 71: Terri Jeffries

June 13, 2017
17:47 MINS

Realtors shouldn’t be under a parent-child relationship with employers. Terri empowers realtors and agents to be entrepreneurs! Terri began a support/mastermind group of realtors who act...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 72: Terry Smith

June 23, 2017
11:53 MINS

Three decades in real estate means countless experiences of CRAZY to share. Listen as today’s guest Terry Smith shares how her dinner date with her clients turned into an emergency situation...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 73: David Burke

June 27, 2017
17:05 MINS

David Burke has been in real estate for close to 20 years and has had to create a system for showing homes near water. Long story short—he keeps towels and umbrellas stocked in his car for...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 74: Karen Cruz

June 30, 2017

Imagine coming to a home where you’re scheduled to have an open house. You walk in to find that the house is a complete disaster and the only person to help you out is a young guy with no pants on.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 75: Greg Gorman

July 4, 2017
16:49 MINS

When you hire out a truck, you don’t expect it to be used for illegal purposes—especially when it’s hired out to your local church. Unfortunately, today’s guest, Greg Gorman, has had to clean up...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 76: Chris Donaldson

July 7, 2017
17:20 MINS

Chase after your seller’s dog who is running down the street or show the home to potential buyers? No one really thinks they’d have to ever make this choice with the exception of today’s guest...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 77: Peter Murray

July 21, 2017
17:31 MINS

Sometimes, being a realtor means sticking it out for clients in the most dire situations. For Peter Murray, sticking it out meant showing 3 houses even though he had a puddle of blood pooling in his..

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 78: Andrea Murphy

July 25, 2017
20:59 MINS

The last thing you you want to see during a closing is two people fighting. But the VERY last thing you want to see is two mothers fighting. But that’s what realtors Andrea Murphyand Morgan Bowling...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 79: Gary Balanoff

July 28, 2017
25:30 MINS

In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Gary Balanoff talks about the importance of managing the relationship between developers and agent—Gary will also share his crazy story about the time an indecisive...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 80: Buddy West

August 15, 2017
17:32 MINS

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” – a lesson Buddy West learned in a very humbling way when he was out showing a house to a man whom he thought was a drug dealer. When you’re in the real estate...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 81: Belinda Fulton

August 18, 2017
11:52 MINS

Moral of today’s story: don’t ever share your title with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Belinda saw the frustrating effects of such a scenario play out while dealing with a short sale that just got...

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