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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 82: Nick French

August 22, 2017

In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Nick French, shares how making connections in real estate can not only find you your future daughter-in-law, these connections can also save your life.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 83: Melanie Schmidt

August 25, 2017
13:36 MINS

In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Melanie Schmidt, shares the how the love story unfolded between her client and her daughter. Melanie admits to taking on a matchmaker role in their relationship...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 84: Rosemary Buerger

August 29, 2017
16:33 MINS

In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Rosemary Buerger shares how a young couple had to learn a very hard lesson while selling their house providing further proof that you need help and protections in...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 85: Sid and Rhonda Pugh

September 8, 2017
18:44 MINS

Listeners get a heartfelt invitation into the love story of Sid and Rhonda Pugh. This lovely, real estate couple share how they found each other in a GRI course and discuss why...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 86: Stanley Babinski

September 14, 2017
16:28 MINS

Listeners will instantly establish an instant connection with Stanley Babinski who lost his only son to cancer. In this extremely emotional episode, Stanley talks about...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 87: Tim Morgan

September 18, 2017
14:12 MINS

In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Tim Morgan whose story is enough to scare off any new realtor away from the profession. Tune in as Tim explains his “hairy” situation.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 88: George Wonica

September 21, 2017
23:00 MINS

Tune-in and listen to an enthusiastic George Wonica share the best and most entertaining stories from his 26 years as a realtor. Being the son of a realtor, George started off in this business...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 89: Alex Milshteyn

September 26, 2017
22:49 MINS

Prepare to be entertained in this extremely hilarious episode with Alex Milshteyn. Alex starts off by sharing a story of being booted out of the house because of his age and he delves into a time...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 90: Jason Pee

October 3, 2017
24:12 MINS

The last thing you’d expect during a house visit is to be greeted by a house owner in his birthday suit. But, since this is the case for today’s guest, Jason Pee, tune-in to find out just how he...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 91: Pinky Benson

October 17, 2017
17:00 MINS

Not feeling the love?—Pinky sure wasn’t when a client decided to critique everything from her dress to “the old lady in the bathroom.” While the haters were busy hating, Pinky decided...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 92: Frankee Chapa

October 19, 2017
13:00 MINS

Snow boots or cowboy boots? Pizza or salad? Director of Marketing Frankee Chapa talks about the difference between real estate in Maine and Texas, the “real estate 15” (or 30)...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 93: Jamie Gregory

November 12, 2017
16:02 MINS

Tax reform is on its way…FAST. Jamie Gregory explains what’s going on in Washington D.C. and how it negatively affects homeowners by taxing away tax incentives. Tune in to learn...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 94: Holly Mabery

November 13, 2017
33:26 MINS

Do you smell cookies? Leigh and Holly do in this episode of CSIRE, where they decide to lobby for snack baskets and cookies. But it isn’t all chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin; Holly Mabery...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 95: Cady Thomas

November 16, 2017
21:15 MINS

Cady Thomas, the Government Affairs Director for North Carolina, says that her job is to “talk, stock, and stay paranoid,” and that’s exactly what she does. Tune in to learn about...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 96: Gavin Blair

November 20, 2017
20:35 MINS

The nation needs YOU to get involved! Gavin Blair, AE/CEO of the State Realtor Association of Iowa, discusses the passing of first-time homebuyer legislation, the challenges of association life...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 97: Dennis Gaggini

November 23, 2017
31:22 MINS

Whether it be sweet seniors or the bomb squad and sex toys, Dennis Gaggini has pretty much seen it all. After having worked in the industry for 17 years, an eviction that came complete with...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 98: Margaret Martin

November 28, 2017
16:28 MINS

Margaret Martin does a little bit of everything from event planning to running an adult day care. After having worked in dentistry, Margaret dove headfirst into association life and inherited her...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 99: Jessica Hickok

November 30, 2017
20:13 MINS

Are you INSPIRED? Jessica is, and she believes the #1 key to being better and achieving more is finding your inspiration. As the head of the Oklahoma Realtors Association, Jessica breaks down the...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 100: Bill Brown

December 4, 2017
58:22 MINS

NAR President Bill Brown has been through the ringer for the last few months, but it hasn’t put a damper on this year’s Thanksgiving (except that he couldn’t wash down his turkey with a beer!).

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 101: Susie Nelson-Crowley

December 7, 2017
13:57 MINS

Is this stripper pole structural? Susie Nelson-Crowley, realtor and CRS in the Tampa Bay area, will tell you that a pole, stage, DJ booth, and party tubs don’t necessarily mean an impossible sale.

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