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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 122: Real Estate Superhero - Jeremias Maneiro

June 12, 2018
15:00 Mins

Have no fear, the Real Estate Superhero is here! Jeremias “J-Man” Maneiro, a realtor in Rochester, NY, tells us the story of when he carried a client...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 123: Angela Shields

June 21, 2018
19:00 Mins

Today we’re discussing a topic that is often overlooked in real estate: Safety. And not just in regards to realtors, but consumers, too!

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 124: Anthony Lamacchia

July 12, 2018
18:02 Mins

Broker and coach Anthony Lamacchia shares with us the crazy story of when he took a buyer through a home and a nearly-naked woman made a surprise appearance.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 125: Rachel Goldsworthy

July 19, 2018
21:13 Mins

Guess who’s joining us from the land down under? Rachael Goldsworthy! Rachael is a long-time realtor with a brokerage in Hawkesbury, Australia.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 126: Isabel Affinito

July 26, 2018
20:39 MINS

Sometimes you’ve gotta keep a secret. And sometimes Mercury Retrograde impacts your client’s decision to sign any contracts...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 127: Heidi Powell

July 26, 2018
14:28 Mins

As a new realtor, Heidi didn’t know how to keep calm when things got a little stinky at closing time. Now, with 10 years under her belt...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 128: Leigh York

September 3, 2018
23:00 Mins

Early in Leigh York’s colorful career an eventful sale involving missed medication, a fire, and a rolled pickup taught her to keep calm in the midst of craziness.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 129: Sher Powers Part 1

September 11, 2018
18:00 Mins

Real estate is not what you ever expected it to be, until you end up in the middle of something fun. Power-house broker Sher Powers tells us about...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 130: Sher Powers Part 2

September 18, 2018
22:00 Mins

Part 2 with the one and only Sher Powers of Nashville. Sher built an extensive background in investment real estate before becoming a full-service...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 131: Tiffany Delucia

September 25, 2018
14:22 Mins

New Jersey broker Tiffany DeLucia is here to tell you all about her several encounters with corpses, both animal and human.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 132: Addie Owens

October 2, 2018
16:45 MINS

As the owner of her own real estate company, broker Addie Owens has seen her fair share of crazy shit in real estate. But what happens when she finds herself at a home she dubs “The Panty Palace”?

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 133: Glenn Bill

October 9, 2018
10:06 MINS

Perfect timing because it’s almost Halloween and we’ve got a story that’s going to give you the spooks! Glenn Bill, 30-year real estate industry veteran, recounts the story...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 134: Amy Broghamer

October 16, 2018
18:01 MINS

Did you know that it’s impossible to feel anxiety and gratitude at the same time? Amy Broghamer, author and realtor, does which is why she gifted doughnuts to her local firefighters after...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 135: Angela Burgess

October 23, 2018
13:08 MINS

Who doesn’t like giving (or receiving!) a good gift, right? Angela Burgess, CEO of the Gaston Association of Realtors, got creative with her gift-giving one Christmas, and the experience left her...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 136: Jared Anthony

November 22, 2018
18:02 MINS

What’s more fun than a drag open house? Jared Anthony, realtor and previous airline pilot, chats with us about outside the box – and super-fun – ways to sell real estate.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 137: Jan Copeland

December 4, 2018
12:52 MINS

Move over Cesar Millan, Jan Copeland’s husband is coming in to save this doggone day! Jan Copeland, leading realtor of 13 years and real estate coach, has got a crazy story that involves...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 138: Monika Glennon

December 11, 2018
22:05 MINS

Want to know what a true internet troll is capable of? Monika Glennon, realtor of 20 years, found out – and it got ugly. Three years and a lawsuit later, Monika recounts the story of a false...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 139: Harry Corcell

January 10, 2019

You haven’t seen crazy ‘till you’ve been physically assaulted by a co-worker for answering a phone, amiright? Harry Corcell, newbie realtor, comedian, and expert tech wiz, has got all the reasons...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 140: Sam Powell

January 17, 2019
17:04 MINS

Penis-shaped ice cubes, anyone? Sam Powell, real estate professional and tech nerd, found a little special something in her friend’s freezer – something so special, in fact, she decided to keep it!

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate #141: Brandi Underwood

January 24, 2019
25:07 MINS

Watch out, squatter gang coming through! Brandi Underwood, realtor and Miracle Agent, had a long battle with the squatting community in her area – and that was just the beginning! Just in case...

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate #142: Sarah Johnson

January 31, 2019
20:57 MINS

Real estate isn’t all competition! In fact, Sarah Johnson, realtor of nearly 25 years and instructor, believes that there’s plenty to go around and that we should all support each other.

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Crazy Shit In Real Estate #143: Casey Angel

February 7, 2019
17:44 MINS

Today we’ve got a special guest who is going to discuss the market and the one piece of advice that could save you from a sour sale. Casey Angel, Director of Communications at the Raleigh Regional...

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