DAY 1 Instructor's Boot Camp


Leigh Brown is a successful REALTOR®, forward-thinking CEO, #1 best-selling author, honest coach, and kickin’ keynote speaker. With over 18 years experience in the real estate industry (she started in the biz with her father many moons ago), Leigh has successfully led her team to be one of the top RE/MAX teams in North Carolina as well as the country.

Realizing that there were many talented people who deserve their shot to be on stage, Leigh has decided to "pay it forward" by opening up her playbook to provide these rising stars with the tools they need to succeed on stages and in classrooms across the nation!


Are you ready to take the next step? If so, attend Leigh’s one day class to learn:

  • How to create a class that has substance
  • The art of creating an engaging slide presentation
  • The importance of a perfectly timed outline
  • The purpose of a concise marketing description
  • How to fascinate your audience
  • Why you should use video (and when)
  • How to market your topics to event coordinators
  • What type of marketing works for event coordinators
  • How to put together a contract
  • Best practices for teaching/speaking

Leigh will equip you with everything you need to become a successful, dynamic, and memorable instructor/speaker/moderator. Hope to see you soon!

DAY 2 Speaker's Masterclass

Ready to Perfect Your Craft in a Peer Supported Environment?

First-time Boot Campers have the option to stay for Day 2 Masterclass and connect with returning speakers that have put to work what they learned from Leigh's Boot Camp over the past year and work together to gain confidence and accelerate the process!

Having good content is only part of the battle. The way you deliver your message is more important than the words you use. Even if you think you're a star speaker already, there's a good chance you have some bad habits (from swaying back and forth while you talk to using filler words like "um" and "so" more than you know).

Masterclass will be a hands-on, or should I say "on-stage" workshop with the opportunity to practice in front of our peers.

Based on the needs of the class we will take a DEEP DIVE into the topics that you need the most help, whether it be building your slide presentation and timed outlines, responding to RFPs, developing your personal brand marketing yourself, including website and social media strategies.

* For an additional fee, our videographer will film, edit and provide a 3-5 minute speaker reel for you!


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what attendees are saying about


"Leigh is absolutely hands down one of the best trainers/speakers that I have heard in this industry! She knows exactly what REALTORS need to hear and she’s not afraid to step on some toes."

- Kristin Thomas
RE/MAX Spectrum

"Thank you so much for your enthusiastic speech at RE/Success Rocks 2017! As always, you delivered on both content and entertainment value! Wishing you continues success."

- Ken Trotter

"You’re my new Favorite Speaker! Love your straight forward, down to earth, witty approach! Sometimes it’s
hard for people to hear the truth much less own it! Thanks for sharing your gift with the Universe!"

- Kristin Thomas