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Disrupt Yourself!

We did it, friends. We made it through 2020, with grace, with grit, and with integrity.
What will we take into 2021 with us?
2021 better be ready for us!

Join me on Jan 15th for #Kicktail 2021, my annual virtual pep rally -aka- business & life planning webinar, so we can map out how we will be taking our skills we honed during the many lockdowns and ‘new normals’ and a few of the tried and true best practices, to move through 2021 fully engaged and back to thriving and being at our finest for our clients, family and ourselves. We will have many opportunities for reflection, examination, and being in community with one another during this time.

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Whoo hoo! Thank you for registering for Leigh's #kicktail2020 Facebook LIVE event. This annual event requires you to do a *little* homework prior to January 8th. Homework will be sent via email by December 20, 2019.

One more thing, make sure you follow Leigh on FB (https://www.facebook.com/LeighBrownSpeaker) so you can attend the event on January 8th and see her LIVE all of the time!

Here's to a smashing 2020!
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