Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Secrets to Building a Real Estate Team

I often get asked questions about real estate teams. I can tell you from personal experience that having a team, to lean on for advice and guidance...


Beef Up Your Listing with Data!

We all know how to use MLS, but if you’d like to beef up your listing presentation with data so you will have the best-educated sellers possible...


Leigh’s Top 5 Social Media Products

There are so many social media options out there, just which one should you spend your time using? If you are ready to learn from one of the top Realtors...


Video Basics for the Faint of Heart

Everyone is doing it. Except you. Just kidding-most salespeople are scared to death of video, leaving behind the single best relationship tool available in today’s world...


Improving Client Care and Retention

The best salespeople are masters of the interactive relationship. However, those same amazing skills often aren’t part of the systems organization that makes a great business owner...


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Receive all five webinars at a discounted price. This would include Leigh’s Top 5 Social Media Products (and How to Use Them), Beef Up Your Listing with Data! & more...

"Leigh is absolutely hands down one
of the best trainers/speakers that I
have heard in this industry! She knows exactly what REALTORS® need to hear and she’s not afraid to step on
some toes."

- Kristin Thomas
RE/MAX Spectrum