Peeling the Onion Book

Peeling the onion

Building real relationships in a hermit’s world of social media

Leigh Brown shares how we can break the chains that bind us to social media platforms to engage in real relationships.

Leigh’s belief in the importance of living a genuine life -- for “keeping it real” -- comes through in every page of this transformational book: understand how we got to this level of social media dependence, find out where to start in reconnecting with people in the real world, learn how to be comfortable communicating with friends the things you would never share on social media. Enjoy deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

As she says, “Getting to a real relationship is like peeling an onion. To reach that sweet inner core you have to peel the onion layer by layer. You have to take the risk of the crying and accept that the effort brings its own rewards.” To live a better life, start by Peeling the Onion.

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About the Author

Leigh Brown is an international sales and motivational speaker who has a no holds barred approach to business and life. She is open, honest, and hilarious (in an almost-inappropriate-but-still-family-friendly way)! Leigh is leader in her industry (she is the CEO of a rockin’ real estate business based out of Charlotte, North Carolina) and she travels the globe, inspiring audiences of all sizes to do more and make an impact in their particular industry!


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Leigh Brown