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Tailored content for your level of expertise

Two levels of detailed course materials that will benefit even the most accomplished REALTOR®. The course modules will work to expand and enhance your real estate business.

Business growth designed specifically for Real Estate Agents

Growing your Real Estate business is hard work! Learn genuine techniques that will increase your profitability, scale your business, and allow you to build a team that will all work towards a common goal.

Expand your sphere of influence with both buyers and sellers

You will learn the growth path that Leigh herself followed to build a powerful and highly profitable brand. Learn how to increase your reach over every aspect of the market.

You don’t have to create a growth strategy from scratch. Whatever challenge you’re facing, there is a solution.

• A comprehensive multi-module course that includes EVERYTHING I do in my thriving Real Estate Business.
• Create and cultivate your personal brand so you stand out.
• The latest intelligence on listings, presentation, and pricing
• Discover how to present real value in ways anyone can understand and appreciate.

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Who Is This Course For?

Leigh has a teaching style that is both energetic and fun. The information is not only useful and applicable to all REALTORS®, it also breaks the monotony that the typical seminar style of learning features. The beauty of this course lies in the benefits it shares to both beginning and accomplished REALTORS® alike. Those who have grown their real estate business to a profitable point often fail to break through their ceiling; this course will show you exactly how to influence and reach new heights! Starting out in this industry can be a real challenge. Not to fear; this course will show you strategies and techniques that will get you on a growth path, without having to spend your life savings to get there.

No one should ever tell you that it is easy. It will require commitment and attention to detail. The main benefit of this course is to direct all of your efforts into the aspects of your real estate business that will ultimately lead you to faster growth, more profit, and a better understanding of how to scale your business in an efficient way.

This Comprehensive Online Course Covers The Steps to Create a Powerful Real Estate Business


Identifying Who You Are

Get to the foundation of why you do what you do. You will learn to create an identity that sets you apart from other REALTORS®.


Building Your Personal Brand

How to create and showcase a brand that people respect and trust. You will learn how to use this brand and reputation to grow your real estate business.


Managing Social Media Accounts

Social media is a requirement for any real estate brand. You will learn the details of how to utilize social media to grow your business and reach new customers.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Videos are a staple in current real estate. You will discover how to use video marketing to grow your business and expand the reach of your brand.


Building and Managing Your Personal Sphere of Influence

Learn the new era of your sphere of influence. Leigh shares powerful strategies to increase the reach of your brand and enhance acquisition.



Leigh will help you determine who you should be prospecting, and where you should be doing it.


Buyer Presentation Skills

You will learn what works (and what doesn’t) in a buyer presentation/consultation, as well as how to effectively present this material.


Listing Presentations and Pricing

Make sure your seller walks away feeling confident in what you’re offering and inspired by what you’re presenting.


Managing the Process

You will learn the techniques and organizational strategies to make the process repeatable and efficient EVERY time.


Common Sense Money

Organize and implement techniques that will make the financial side of real estate less stressful and more profitable.


Building a Team

Increase the potential of your real estate business by creating a team. Leigh will teach you effective ways to surround yourself with the right people, as well as strategies to get the most out of your real estate team.

Facebook Group

Private Facebook Community where you may ask questions and create a dialogue with Leigh, University group mentors, and your peers.

Client Testimonials

“Leigh Brown is there for you.” In an era where there are ‘quick solutions’ to every problem with the click of the button, Leigh tells you the truth about what it will take to grow: Hard work, short-term and long-term goal setting, and execution of a plan with precision. Any business organization can learn what is necessary to achieve at a higher level with Leigh’s valuable insight.”

Buddy West
CEO & founder of MilRES®
President of Emory Hill Residential Real Estate
Wilmington, Delaware

Watch Buddy's Full Video Testimonial: