You have heard about the seven deadly sins, which are abuses of one’s natural passions, but have you heard about the 7 deadly sins of SALES?

Leigh Brown will introduce you to the classic mistakes salespeople make and will provide you with techniques and ideas for correction. The end result? A more professional business and the happiest clients on the planet!

Leigh Brown: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales

About the Author


Leigh Brown is an international sales and motivational speaker who has a no holds barred approach to business and life. She is open, honest, and hilarious (in an almost-inappropriate-but-still-family-friendly way)! Leigh is leader in her industry (she is the CEO of a rockin’ real estate business based out of Charlotte, North Carolina) and she travels the globe, inspiring audiences of all sizes to do more and make an impact in their particular industry!

Quotes from the Author


"In order to be successful in sales, you have to do one thing before anything else, every single day, and that is to get the hell out of your own way. And what is the best way to do that? It’s to reconnect with your why."

“… when you pick and choose your clients based on limited information, you’re running a risk of closing yourself off to a new business relationship that could prove incredibly valuable over the long term.”

“…the best weapon in your sales arsenal is not all that fluff & puff. It’s telling the truth.”

what Readers are saying about


"Leigh delivers another riveting book that the sales world should read. While many search for a magic pill, Leigh delivers truth in a fun and effective way, for anyone willing to own up to the 7 deadly sins. These truths, when applied, will not only turn your business around... they will change your life."

- Kim Knapp
CEO Team Knapp
Coldwell Banker Vanguard

"7 Deadly Sins is a MUST READ for anyone in the sales profession. Leigh Brown is a top producing real estate agent and CEO and a proven professional in every sense of the word!"

- Eric Kistner
Principal Broker
Bridge Pointe Real Estate

"In Leigh Brown's trademark style, no words are minced, and the message of this book resonates loud and clear. The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales will hold a prominent place of my shelf, and I plan to use it as a tool to teach others in my industry."

Brian Whitta
Rooney & Assoc.

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At the core of Leigh’s book is the story of a young woman who strives to achieve success through a disciplined approach to business and life.



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