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You Ask. Leigh Answers. Coaching Program

Unlock Expert Real Estate Coaching for Less!
Wish you could get my expert coaching but find $500 an hour just out of reach? Introducing “You ASK. Leigh Answers.” – my affordable coaching program offering direct access to my real estate expertise for a fraction of the cost.

With “You ASK. Leigh Answers.”, you'll get:
• Personalized video responses to your specific questions
• Access to a growing library of real estate video solutions
• Essential forms and presentation reports used in my business
• Downloadable templates, guides, and resources for your practice

Limited-time offer: Join the yearly subscription and get 2 months FREE – less than the cost of 1 hour of coaching!

Take control of your real estate career today.

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Maybe you’ve been successful for a while. Lately, though, sales are slowing down. You need the tools to break through the ceiling. The course for real estate mastery delivers these tools and more:

• CREATE and CULTIVATE your personal brand so you stand out.
• DISCOVER the power of video listings.
• LEARN the most effective communication strategies for buyers and sellers in different age groups.
• LEVERAGE social media to get more business.
• UNDERSTAND the techniques for mining housing data and prospecting for gold in those numbers.
• Get the LATEST intelligence on LISTINGS, PRESENTATIONS, and PRICING.

No one should ever tell you that real estate is easy.  It will require commitment and attention to detail. This course will direct your efforts into the aspects of your real estate business that will ultimately lead you to faster growth, more profit, and a better understanding of how to scale your business in an efficient way.    

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“Get Fearless! Record & Post” Video Masterclass

• Through this digital course, Leigh Brown will personally train you to confidently create and post video content to supercharge your leads, deals, and referrals.
• This program is for any REALTOR®, agent, or lender that is looking to grow their business with video.
• If you’re already using video content for your business, this program is going to help you accelerate your journey.

Enroll now for immediate access to all modules with lifetime access to the complete 6-week digital “Get Fearless! Record & Post“ with Leigh Brown Video Course so you can leverage video content to supercharge your leads, deals, and referrals.   

$199 – ENROLL NOW!



Southern Cookbook

Digital Copy BONUS

Born out of the early humdrum days of the pandemic, Leigh has created quite a following with her cooking videos from those who appreciate her flair for fun, food, and family … oh, and a cocktail or two!

Peeling the Onion Book Cover



Leigh’s belief in the importance of living a genuine life — for “keeping it real” — comes through in every page of this transformational book: understand how we got to this level of social media dependence...




Buy all 3 books by Leigh Brown for one low price! Order Leigh's newest book Peeling the Onion (paperback) along with 7 Deadly Sins of Sales, and Outrageous Authenticity today and save!


7 Deadly Sins of Sales


You have heard about the seven deadly sins, which are abuses of one’s natural passions, but have you heard about the 7 deadly sins of SALES?


Outrageous Authenticity™


You Are Your Best Sales Weapon Do you feel pressured to always be “on” when you are in sales? Do folks cringe and shy away from you...


Order Both books!


Buy both books by Leigh Brown for one low price! Order both the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales and Outrageous Authenticity today to take advantage of the savings!

Purchase the Amazon Audible Version – Narrated by Leigh Brown herself!
The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Audible
Outrageous Authenticity Audible Audiobook
Outrageous Authenticity Audible Audiobook
Peeling the Onion Audible



Ten Tips You Can Implement Now! Webinar

Every REALTOR® has moments of wondering what to do next. This session is chock-full of ideas from direct mail to client parties to social media, all of which can supplement your business in 2020 and beyond!

Downloadable resources included.


Finding Your REALTOR® Why Webinar

It can feel overwhelming to be a REALTOR® in a changing market with new competitors on every front. However, there is a way to differentiate yourself in a way that will grow your business. Add that new personal marketing angle to your impact as an association and community volunteer, and the sky’s the limit.


Training Program – Peeling the Onion

Leigh Brown shares how we can break the chains that bind us to social media platforms to engage in real relationships.

Leigh’s belief in the importance of living a genuine life — for “keeping it real” — comes through in every page of this transformational book...


Secrets to Building a Real Estate Team

I often get asked questions about real estate teams. I can tell you from personal experience that having a team, to lean on for advice and guidance...


Beef Up Your Listing with Data!

We all know how to use MLS, but if you’d like to beef up your listing presentation with data so you will have the best-educated sellers possible...


Leigh’s Top 5 Social Media Products

There are so many social media options out there, just which one should you spend your time using? If you are ready to learn from one of the top Realtors...


Video Basics for the Faint of Heart

Everyone is doing it. Except you. Just kidding-most salespeople are scared to death of video, leaving behind the single best relationship tool available in today’s world...


Improving Client Care and Retention

The best salespeople are masters of the interactive relationship. However, those same amazing skills often aren’t part of the systems organization that makes a great business owner...


Webinar Group
Bundle Deal

Receive all five webinars at a discounted price. This would include Leigh’s Top 5 Social Media Products (and How to Use Them), Beef Up Your Listing with Data! & more...

Marketing SUpport

Leigh Brown Buyer Handbook

Buyer Handbook

This handbook is a great tool when working with buyers. If they are feeling overwhelmed by the process and have questions – this 64 page handbook...

Leigh Brown Seller Handbook

Seller Handbook

This handbook is a great tool when working with clients who are selling their home. If they are feeling overwhelmed by the process and have questions – this 72 page handbook...

Greeting Cards - r-Rated

Home Buyer & Seller Handbooks Combo - Special

Get both the Home Seller Secrets Handbook and the Home Buyer Secrets Handbook in this combo special deal!

Team policy & procedure manual

Team policy & procedure manual

Starting a team? Or wanting to organize the sales team you already have? This is Leigh Brown’s team manual...



Have a blast with these greeting cards. A set includes all 4 cards pictured plus envelopes (8 pack and bulk set available. Example statement of "don’t just sit there. start packing..."

Greeting Cards - r-Rated

Greeting Cards - r-Rated

Have a blast with these greeting cards. A set includes all 4 cards pictured plus envelopes (8 pack and bulk set available). Example statement of "fml. now I have to cut the grass..."



Building a board may seem like a daunting task. Here’s are the steps to assemble the best advisers for your business.

santa letter

One of Leigh’s greatest annual promotions… A “genuine” letter from Santa! Your clients will love sending this to their children or grandchildren!

intake sheets

Have a Buyer or Seller lead? Get started on the right foot and obtain all of the information required to get the ball rolling on that new listing!

Prom Dress Campaign

Prom Dress Campaign

One of our high schools has a lot of girls that would like to goto prom and they don't come from families with a lot of excess income, but y'all know when you're in high school that's your Cinderella thing. Everybody wants to goto prom whether you have a date or not, you want to dress up! Nobody wants to wear the same as anybody else and they want to feel special. So we started a prom dress drive in 2019and gathered up old bridesmaids dresses and prom dresses. Download the resources here to see how you can participate!

"Leigh is absolutely hands down one
of the best trainers/speakers that I
have heard in this industry! She knows exactly what REALTORS® need to hear and she’s not afraid to step on
some toes."

- Kristin Thomas
RE/MAX Spectrum