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Born out of the early humdrum days of the pandemic, Leigh has created quite a following with her cooking videos from those who appreciate her flair for fun, food, and family … oh, and a cocktail or two!

Peeling the Onion Book Cover

Peeling the Onion


Leigh’s belief in the importance of living a genuine life — for “keeping it real” — comes through in every page of this transformational book: understand how we got to this level of social media dependence...


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Buy all 3 books by Leigh Brown for one low price! Order Leigh's newest book Peeling the Onion (paperback) along with 7 Deadly Sins of Sales, and Outrageous Authenticity today and save!


7 Deadly Sins of Sales


You have heard about the seven deadly sins, which are abuses of one’s natural passions, but have you heard about the 7 deadly sins of SALES?


Outrageous Authenticity™


You Are Your Best Sales Weapon Do you feel pressured to always be “on” when you are in sales? Do folks cringe and shy away from you...


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Buy both books by Leigh Brown for one low price! Order both the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales and Outrageous Authenticity today to take advantage of the savings!

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