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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Are your assets, LLCs, and investment processes a “Royal” mess? Scott Smith of Royal Legal Solutions, a firm that provides asset protection for real estate investors, shares why his inspiration for building his business stemmed from his own need. Listen in to learn why he uses a series LLC, how he scaled quickly, and what he created so he could work smarter – not harder. 

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:50 – Introducing Scott, an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor; he bought his first property in law school and flipped it to pay for school
  • 02:00 – He had problems getting through his first ten properties, so he created a system and team that works; now he helps others do the same
  • 02:30 – He worked in litigation for two years before turning towards real estate; he learned a lot about asset protection, insurance, and loopholes
  • 04:45 – Scott’s business
  • 05:00 – He went in on an auto body repair shop with a friend and there began his journey to entrepreneurship
  • 06:45 – He ran into real estate investing problems when he got into single family home investing; he started focusing on pivotal leverage points in investing for simplicity 
  • 07:20 – He started using a series LLC and that helped him scale quickly and without more work; he holds his assets anonymously and has no extra paperwork
  • 10:00 – How he realized this was the best way to invest in real estate
  • 10:25 – He has a background in legal and tax, so he knew he needed to protect himself
  • 10:52 – It’s not hard to do; people don’t know the risks they take and how easy it can be to streamline operations and keep everything safe
  • 11:35 – Time freedom is created when you streamline processes, so you invest time now to have time freedom moving forward
  • 13:00 – He works in all 50 states but can’t appear in court for you; his price point ranges by client, but all get a roadmap during the consultation
  • 15:00 – He has a free LLC program available for a limited time at www.RoyalLegalSolutions.com; you can contact him and download his e-book there, too

3 Key Points

  1. It’s important to keep your assets safe. 
  2. By streamlining processes you create time freedom for yourself. 
  3. Work with people who know what they’re doing – especially when it involves the law. 


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #168: Scott Smith

Aired on:
October 3, 2019

Are your assets, LLCs, and investment processes a “Royal” mess? Scott Smith of Royal Legal Solutions, a firm that provides asset protection for real estate investors, shares why his inspiration for...

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