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Are the winds of change blowing you into the harbor of opportunity or plastering you to the couch with a bowl of snacks? Rik Rushton, a peak performance coach, speaker, and author challenges you to use this time to grow and improve. Whether you’re looking to build authentic relationships or expand your expertise, this episode will give you a glimpse into what it takes to earn trust, live a life filled with gratitude, and propel yourself towards your dreams. Listen in to hear Rik’s journey towards authenticity and discover what he’s learned about his relationships with his clients and kids in the process. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Rik; he entered the real estate industry in 1989 
  • 02:00 - He had good intentions but didn’t have the skillset; he had a broker offer to help him grow his expertise and he began the path of personal development
  • 03:00 - By 1993 he was in a leadership position and by 1998 he bought the company, which he sold in 2016
  • 04:10 - He believes your decisions dictate your future and we’re here to be in gratitude and abundance 
  • 04:25 - He’s busier than ever; he’s on Zoom a lot
  • 06:20 - Rik’s CSIRE story
  • 06:40 - He was working to sell a home for someone who ended up not even being the homeowner; it was a test of authenticity
  • 07:50 - He was ¾ of the way into the sale of the home when he found out he was dealing with the tenant, not the owner
  • 09:00 - Another CSIRE story
  • 09:05 - He got a call from someone wanting to “get a feel for the market”; they didn’t know where they were moving 
  • 09:40 - The woman was very effervescent and the man would just grunt answers; they told him they were splitting up and she was going to marry her female best friend
  • 10:20 - The lessons
  • 12:40 - This is where interpersonal skills come in; sometimes you get blindsided and learn new ways of living and being from clients
  • 13:00 - You don’t build trust; you earn it with empathy, connections, and relationships
  • 15:00 - In 1998 he told himself he wasn’t ready to write a book on authenticity; now he feels he has more life experience and that perfectionism got in the way
  • 16:20 - Don’t be the one to tell yourself “no” and don’t be judgemental of others; your job as an agent is to get people to a better place
  • 18:20 - He’s learned so much about his children, too, and the fact that the world they’re living in is so different; they need strong roots and foundation
  • 20:55 - How to find Rik: his website or email at rik@rikrushton.com; you can also find his book and TedTalk there 
  • 22:35 - “Work harder on yourself than you do at your job.” - Jim Rohn
  • 23:10 - Use this opportunity to work on yourself and grow; the winds blow on everyone, some use the winds to propel their dreams and others let themselves be held back

3 Key Points

1.)  Wake up with gratitude. 

2.) Everyone’s trying to move to a better place. 

3.) You need a mentor in order to grow and improve, no matter what industry you’re in.

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #205: Rik Rushton

Aired on:
July 2, 2020

Are the winds of change blowing you into the harbor of opportunity or plastering you to the couch with a bowl of snacks? Rik Rushton, a peak performance coach, speaker, and author challenges you to us

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