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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Being a good REALTOR® is about so much more than just sales and commission. It’s about serving people. Dan Rochon, a REALTOR® with the Greetings Virginia Sales Network, knows this well and was reminded of it when he got a fateful call years ago. Listen in to hear Dan share why an app can never replace a good REALTOR®, and learn what he carefully considers during every negotiation. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:40 – Introducing Dan, the Head Coach/Visionary with the Greetings Virginia Sales Network who has been selling real estate since 2007

  • 01:15 - He lives in northern Virginia with his wife, daughter, and dog

03:00 – Real estate in his area

  • 03:13 - The economy is great and insulated from the rest of the country

04:00 – Dan’s CSIRE story

  • 04:30 - They were in their office with old-school phones and it rang; he answered the phone and the lady was a seller he had been prospecting for two years
  • 05:05 - She called to cancel their appointment because her husband had killed himself the day prior; he never answered the phone but did on that day
  • 05:30 - He listened to her and went home and cried

06:05 – The lessons

  • 05:35 - It’s not about sales or commissions; it’s about helping others
  • 05:40 - REALTORS® work round-the-clock and are wound up in emotions, too

07:25 – On being a professional waiter

  • 07:45 - He thought being a waiter was draining, but real estate is more emotionally draining and brain taxing than the Army

08:15 - Real estate is about people

  • 08:20 - Even though there’s more technology now, real estate will always be about people and their needs on both sides of the table
  • 09:45 - An app will never change the need for a human to do the job or a REALTOR®
  • 10:30 - It takes someone with skill to handle negotiations and the unexpected things that come up burning a transaction
  • 10:44 - A REALTOR® also acts as a mediator between people who are running high on emotions
  • 12:00 - Cultural differences impact the way people handle a sale, too

12:45 - Real estate is a tough industry

  • 12:50 - People in the service industry have experience in hard work, negotiations, and great customer service under pressure

15:15 - How to reach Dan

3 Key Points

1.)  It’s not about sales or commission; it’s about the needs of the human.

2.) Real estate takes every ounce of everything you have.

3.) An app can’t do what a REALTOR® can. 

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #207: Dan Rochon

Aired on:
July 23, 2020

Being a good REALTOR® is about so much more than just sales and commission. It’s about serving people. Dan Rochon, a REALTOR® with the Greetings Virginia Sales Network, knows this well and was...

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