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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

How does a supermom REALTOR® balance it all? Karla Jacobson, an Associate Broker with Fortify Group in Geneva, Nebraska, schedules the time, whether it be for herself, her family, or her friends. Listen in to hear Karla share why self-care makes for a better REALTOR® and how she treats her clients with respect and care. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Karla, an Associate Broker with Fortify Group in Geneva, Nebraska; the company does insurance and real estate
  • 01:30 - She’s been in real estate for 13 years and was in banking for 17 years
  • 03:00 - On “coming over to the good side” of real estate
  • 03:05 - When she was in banking, her husband was on the road a lot and she was caring for a family; she realized she wasn’t going to be able to grow in the industry
  • 03:37 - She was recruited by a broker but had to wait until her child was a bit older
  • 04:45 - She’s learned lots of life skills from the industry; for example, remembering names, intervening when needed, and getting shit done
  • 07:40 - What she wishes she would’ve known
  • 07:45 - You have to schedule time for your family, friends, and self; call it an appointment if you have to
  • 8:35 - REALTORS® are people-pleasers at heart; it’s hard to balance work and personal life
  • 10:50 - On being humble and a lesson she learned
  • 11:00 - She has sold trailers and was discriminated against in the financial world
  • 12:05 - She treats all her customers the same; in her market, you look at everything at once since there isn’t much 
  • 13:45 - On building homes
  • 14:00 - Her and her husband found their dream property and built their own home; she’s working with a developer to build other homes
  • 14:40 - Her CSIRE story
  • 14:45 - She’s had people know if someone died in the home, crazy cat ladies
  • 15:30 - She sold a mansion with a pool to a young family; the seller’s agent was promising things that he couldn’t promise about the pool
  • 16:20 - The buyers said that the contract needed to say that the pool had to be “opened for the season”; it took $15,000 for the pool to be opened, then they closed
  • 16:30 - She listened to the expertise the client brought to the table
  • 18:55 - How to reach Karla

3 Key Points

1.)  Ask for answers directly and eloquently.

2.) Working in real estate teaches you valuable life skills.

3.) Schedule time for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #208: Karla Jacobson

Aired on:
July 30, 2020

How does a supermom REALTOR® balance it all? Karla Jacobson, an Associate Broker with Fortify Group in Geneva, Nebraska, schedules the time, whether it be for herself, her family, or her friends.

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