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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Want to know why it’s so important to get a home inspection? Let Daniel Smith, an author, speaker, and strategist, tell you the story of when someone tried to sue him for nondisclosure. Listen in to learn why honesty is the best policy, what agents do that’s so valuable, and what can happen when dishonestly comes back to bite you in the ass. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Daniel, he sold real estate until 2007, then sold his business
  • 01:50 - He started speaking, writing, teaching, is a principal broker, and married a broker
  • 02:40 - He enjoys working with real estate professionals
  • 03:15 – Dan’s CSIRE story
  • 03:20 - He’s in California, which is a very litigious state; he was sued 7 times and won all the ones he went to court for
  • 04:20 - The first one was the most memorable; his broker and owner were livid and he was in his mid-20s
  • 05:10 - He ended up going to court for non-disclosure; they wanted enough money to pay for the house
  • 07:25 - The home inspector saved the day; he showed pictures proving Daniel’s case and the judge dismissed all charges and dropped the case
  • 07:55 - The homeowners were trying to game the system and cut the support beams under the house; they got caught and messed up their own home
  • 08:40 – The lessons
  • 09:05 - There are sketchy people out there
  • 11:10 - You need a home inspection
  • 11:30 - As a seller, be honest; as a buyer, do your due diligence and be honest
  • 13:30 - Virtual operations may change things because of COVID-19
  • 14:30 - REALTORS® are necessary and agents are valuable; just using an app isn’t enough
  • 16:40 - Urbanites are running for the hills because they aren’t limited by location anymore
  • 18:45 - He might be on TikTok soon; he’s fighting it, though

3 Key Points

1.) Tell the truth.

2.) Get a home inspection.

3.) As a REALTOR®, it’s not your job to fill out the disclosure.

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #209: Daniel Smith

Aired on:
August 6, 2020

Want to know why it’s so important to get a home inspection? Let Daniel Smith, an author, speaker, and strategist, tell you the story of when someone tried to sue him for nondisclosure.

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