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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Don’t drink and Facebook, kids! Avery Carl, the CEO and founder of The Short Term Shop, was recently in the middle of some messy Facebook drama. Listen in to learn how it ends, why Avery believes we must learn by doing, and how she adds value for her investor clients that keep coming back. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Introducing Avery; an agent since 2017 who focuses exclusively on investor clients who are looking to buy short-term or vacation rentals
  • 01:00 - She’s in three markets in three states; the Great Smokey Mountains, TN, Destin, FL, and Gulf Shores, AL
  • 02:00 – Some different aspects of the real estate she works with
  • 02:15 - Furniture is a consideration, income is a factor, and more things can go wrong
  • 03:20 - The Smokey Mountains don’t really have hotels; cabins are easily rented
  • 04:15 – The biggest challenges with investing
  • 04:30 - Saving for the first initial investment can be a challenge; then, don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis and learn by doing
  • 05:30 – Avery’s CSIRE story
  • 05:35 - A property came up in the Smokey Mountain market that was a really good deal; one of her long-time clients made an offer
  • 06:30 - In TN you can make offers for two different clients as long as you disclose it; a second client of hers wanted to make a deal, too
  • 07:35 - The second client ended up using someone else and getting the property; it was someone she’d been helping for years
  • 08:08 - The first client was really bummed; the second one got on a local FB group and started goating about the great deal he got
  • 09:00 - He claimed to use Avery because he felt bad that he didn’t; the first guy was upset and messaged Avery
  • 09:33 - The guy who got the property ended up having an issue, so the first guy got it anyways
  • 11:20 - Avery’s value-add
  • 11:50 - A bonus to working with Avery is that her team will help make the property a smooth-running vacation rental so it’s ready to book by closing
  • 12:00 - Another CSIRE story
  • 12:20 - She was helping an owner with a FSBO property; he liked her and was going to use her to buy another property
  • 13:30 - The man went into the woods with a roll of toilet paper and called out to her 20 minutes later, “I shit in the woods!”
  • 13:50 - He didn’t want to do it in the house, so he was being polite

3 Key Points

1.)  There’s no better way to learn than by doing. 

2.) Don’t drink and Facebook. 

3.) Sort term rentals can be extremely lucrative. 

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #220: Avery Carl

Aired on:
October 22, 2020

Don’t drink and Facebook, kids! Avery Carl, the CEO and founder of The Short Term Shop, was recently in the middle of some messy Facebook drama. Listen in to learn how it ends, why Avery believes we..

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