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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Repeat after me: Always get a signed contract. Why? ‘Cause if it ain’t in writing, it didn’t happen! Trevor Mauch, the CEO of Carrot, learned this the hard way after seeing his father lose big money on a handshake deal. Listen in to hear what Trevor learned about contracts and insurance, and learn the tools he uses to stay inspired, energized, and pushing forward with gratitude every day. 


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 - Introducing Trevor, the CEO of Carrot and an online marketing expert for real estate investors and agents who lives in Roseburg, Oregon
  • 01:30 - He started investing as a college student; he’s a buy and hold investor and usually invests in rural places and places he has lived
  • 03:40 - The hardest thing about the first property investment
  • 04:00 - He was worried about not being taken seriously and couldn’t get a loan because he was young and didn’t have credit
  • 04:50 - He realized that other people had done it before, so he figured out that there must be a way; he had to get over limiting beliefs 
  • 5:50 - He’s good at building businesses and has picked up properties every 2-3 years or so
  • 06:30 - The vacation rental market and COVID
  • 6:33 - Mid-April cancellations were happening at a fast pace, but now his vacation rentals are getting booked up faster than ever; it may be the best year yet
  • 06:45 - He has commercial buildings, too, and wants to be a part of changing their downtown from the inside out
  • 08:00 - Trevor’s CSIRE story
  • 08:12 - His dad’s deal in Klamath Falls, OR was for a historical building, an old Ford auto dealership from the 1930s; it was Egyptian themed
  • 8:40 - His dad tried to make it an event center; it was a handshake deal with no contract
  • 09:05 - Within 6 months, the business partner filed that he had no claim of ownership for the property, and a snowstorm hit and destroyed ⅔ of the property
  • 09:36 - HIs dad had put in a few hundred thousand dollars at that point and ended up losing the property
  • 09:50 - The lesson
  • 09:55 - No matter how smart you are, or how much you trust your business partner, always get a contract signed
  • 09:55 - Get insurance and make sure the appropriate names are on the policy
  • 11:40 - Roseburg, OR; an amazing gem with two rivers running through the town
  • 12:20 - They have lots of outdoor activities like fly fishing and cycling, and have about 35 wineries
  • 12:50 - The Vision Story
  • 13:05 - Trevor does a Vision Story where he envisions everything he wants to experience in the future
  • 13:35 - He gets excited about his own story; ten years ago he imagined the exact home and view he enjoys now
  • 15:10 - He reads his vision story on a quarterly basis so he can get to where he wants to go
  • 17:00 - On gratefulness
  • 17:25 - His previous companies didn’t energize him and he didn’t feel grateful for what he had
  • 17:45 - He created the Energy Audit to determine what’s giving and taking energy in his life
  • 19:00 - He can then determine what to delegate and what to spend more time doing; this is inspired by Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach tools

3 Key Points

1.)  Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you from having a big vision.

2.) Set a timeline for your goals. 

3.) Get contracts! 

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #222: Trevor Mauch

Aired on:
November 5, 2020

Repeat after me: Always get a signed contract. Why? ‘Cause if it ain’t in writing, it didn’t happen! Trevor Mauch, the CEO of Carrot, learned this the hard way after seeing his father lose big money..

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