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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Is poker the next required learning curriculum? Eric Siu, an investor, founder and advisor to companies and the chairman of the digital marketing agency Single Grain, thinks it should be, since it teaches bankroll management, resilience, emotional intelligence, and how to detach from outcomes—all necessary life skills! Listen in to hear Eric share his mission to continue leveling up, and learn what he’s doing to create exponential growth in business and life. 


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  • 01:45 - Introducing Eric, an investor, founder and advisor to companies, and the chairman of the digital marketing agency Single Grain
  • 02:35 - Eric lives and grew up in LA; he “lucked” into entrepreneurship
  • 04:25 - You can’t get the great reward if you don’t take the great risk; he took a calculated risk with a contingency plan to cap his downside
  • 05:00 - He played a lot of poker in college; he sees poker as required learning
  • 05:15 - Poker teaches you bankroll management, resilience, how to deal with frustration, and how to think in bets
  • 06:20 - You will have ups and downs; what you can control are your emotions and how you become detached from outcomes
  • 07:10 - In business and investing you need to become detached from outcomes
  • 07:20 - He started with video games but business is the ultimate game 
  • 08:00 - When he was 12, he won a gaming championship
  • 09:45 - What he’s doing next
  • 11:50 - He’s buying up software and agency style businesses; he’s in marketing and is buying and building
  • 12:30 - The inspiration behind his book Leveling Up 
  • 13:40 - On looking for leverage points
  • 14:05 - He’s looking for businesses where 1 + 1 = 3 = 5
  • 15:30 - He future-casts for people who can buy into a bigger vision
  • 16:20 - It’s all about culture and communication if you want to build for the long term 
  • 17:50 - Don’t get tunnel-visioned into short term profits
  • 18:10 - Think about impact; think bigger
  • 18:40 - A tip for investors
  • 19:03 - Stop jumping from thing to thing
  • 19:55 - Where to find Eric: Leveling Up, Instagram, Twitter

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Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate #245: Eric Siu

Aired on:
April 15, 2021

Listen in to hear Eric share his mission to continue leveling up, and learn what he’s doing to create exponential growth in business and life.

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