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LeAnne Long knows when enough is enough! LeAnne, a broker, owner, and REALTOR® of 22 years, walked away from the closing table when a client was being a jerk– which turned out to be a good move. The client checked himself, signed, and now he and LeAnne are buds. Listen in to find out why it’s important to be strong and assertive for your clients and yourself.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:40 – Introducing LeAnne, a broker, owner, and REALTOR® of 22 years with RE/MAX around Atlanta out of Conyers, Georgia
  • 03:05 – The importance of respect and asking the right questions right off the bat
  • 03:20 – Ethics in real estate is LeAnne’s biggest pet peeve; late calls, last minute showings, people no knowing their clients are a few examples
  • 05:30 – People want instant gratification; LeAnne handles it be keeping it light, funny, and friendly
  • 06:40 – She helps clients understand the seriousness of the transaction so no one wastes time
  • 07:40 – LeAnne’s CSIRE story
  • 07:45 – At the closing table, a client from New York was being a jerk; he kept wanting more and more after agreements had already been made
  • 08:25 – She took everything off the table, said they weren’t doing it, and left the room; the commission was about $20,000 for her and the other agent
  • 08:50 – He was shocked and LeAnne said she’d rather someone else get the house who wants it
  • 09:30 – The man chased her to the parking lot and they closed the deal; now they’re friends
  • 11:11 – Lessons from LeAnne’s story
  • 11:15 – Stand up for yourself and your clients; be respectful of others and their personal time
  • 11:20 – Always have information on your client; it’s unsafe not to
  • 12:10 – If a client is put off by questions before showings, explain that if it were their wife or daughter they’d want the same precautions for them
  • 13:04 – Sometimes you must be strong and assertive

3 Key Points

  1. Ask the right questions while keeping it light and friendly.
  2. Be safe and uphold policies that make it so agents are safe with clients.
  3. Being strong and assertive – in a good way.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate#152: LeAnne Long

Aired on:
June 13, 2019

LeAnne Long knows when enough is enough! LeAnne, a broker, owner, and REALTOR® of 22 years, walked away from the closing table when a client was being a jerk– which turned out to be a good move...

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