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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Want to imagine what a flooded home filled with 60 cats smells like? Well, no need to guess because Rod Meyer can tell you! Rod Meyer is a REALTOR® from Grand Forks, North Dakota whose whole family is in real estate. Tune in to hear about the destroyed “cat house” (that sold!) and the silly things he’s had to do to get approval from FHA appraisers.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:50 – Introducing Rod, a REALTOR® of 10 years in Grand Forks, ND; he and his wife have a brokerage and he feels he’s a magnet for strange real estate happenings
  • 01:35 – All four of his kids are in real estate in one way or another; his wife thinks everyone should sell real estate
  • 02:40 – They all talk about real estate around the dinner table
  • 03:00 – CSIRE stories
  • 03:10 – His wife walked into a home when the owner said, “Come on in, it’s open” and the man was sitting on the couch in his underwear smoking a doobie
  • 03:15 – Rod’s attorney friend asked him to look at a property on a sunny day at 20 below with three feet of snow
  • 03:30 – They walked into the house and walked back out because of the smell; there was four feet of water in the basement from broken pipes
  • 04:08 – The neighbor was supposed to be in charge of the propane tank to keep the heat on all winter but had forgotten
  • 04:25 – He and his son pumped the water out; there were 60 cats on the property that had been crawling through the ducts
  • 05:30 – They listed the property for $100,000, it was 15 acres on a creek, and it got sold; the guy eventually got divorced and built a new house
  • 07:15 – It took two days to pump the water out and there was cat hair everywhere; beds and clothes were floating everywhere
  • 08:55 – He’s shocked that someone bought it; there’s a buyer for everything
  • 10:20 – Silly FHA loan requirements
  • 11:40 – Rod had to paint a chicken coop and garage off the property per the request of an appraiser; the husband of the seller had died shoveling snow

3 Key Points

  1. There’s a buyer for everything!
  2. Sometimes appraiser requirements are silly.
  3. The real estate is NOT like what you see on HGTV.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate #162: Rod Meyer

Aired on:
August 1, 2019

Want to imagine what a flooded home filled with 60 cats smells like? Well, no need to guess because Rod Meyer can tell you! Rod Meyer is a REALTOR® from Grand Forks, North Dakota whose whole family...

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