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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


I see London I see France, I see…someone’s underpants? That’s right, this IS Crazy Shit in Real Estate, after all! Broker and coach Anthony Lamacchia shares with us the crazy story of when he took a buyer through a home and a nearly-naked woman made a surprise appearance. Anthony leads his own brokerage now and, having switched from the family landscaping business, he truly knows what it takes to start in the trenches of real estate. Tune in to find out what Anthony teaches new realtors and what advice his grandfather gave him that all realtors should live by.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:05 – Anthony’s background and how he got into real estate
  • 02:00 – Selling homes and the online businesses that try to do it differently
  • 03:30 – Getting into real estate in 2004 after leaving the family’s successful landscaping business
  • 04:05 – His father is now his biggest fan; he now has a brokerage with 150 people in the company
  • 05:20 – He transitioned slowly out of the family business
  • 05:45 – What new agents don’t realize
  • 6:00 – Be aware of what you communicate to your sphere of influence; if you want to be a full-time realtor, don’t advertise whatever else you’re doing
  • 06:35 – Anthony’s grandfather’s advice: If you want to be a realtor “you ought to dress like it”
  • 08:30–Anthony’s CSIRE story
  • 08:45 – He drove to Dorchester, Boston for a showing; at the time, it didn’t have the best reputation
  • 09:07 – He was new to the business, got the key out of the lockbox, walked up to the door with his first-time female buyer, and knocked
  • 09:30 – They thought no one was there, but as they leave a woman comes out of her room in a bra and underwear
  • 09:50 – She wasn’t even phased, she just walked past them down the hall; he called his friend and he said it wasn’t a big deal if the buyer didn’t make it one
  • 11:15 – Real estate is an entertaining business
  • 11:20 – He kicks off the new agent’s training course by saying 75% of the business is being a psychiatrist and 25% is selling real estate
  • 11:50 – You must learn how to calm people down and listen
  • 12:25 – Anthony is more of a businessman than realtor
  • 13:00 – He prefers building up others over personally helping others buy and sell homes
  • 13:40 – He helps his agents become successful by using existing tools like Zillow
  • 14:20 – He teaches people to take actions in a calculated fashion; nothing he teaches is “new”

3 Key Points

  1. If you want to be a successful real estate broker, dress like it.
  2. The job of a realtor is 75% psychology and 25% selling real estate.
  3. You can be successful by using existing tools rather than avoiding them.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 124: Anthony Lamacchia

Aired on:
July 12, 2018

Broker and coach Anthony Lamacchia shares with us the crazy story of when he took a buyer through a home and a nearly-naked woman made a surprise appearance.

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