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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Sometimes you’ve gotta keep a secret. And sometimes Mercury Retrograde impacts your client’s decision to sign any contracts (dang you, Mercury!). Isabel Affinito, a young realtor in central Austin, knows this all too well. Listen to her Crazy Shit in Real Estate story that involves Mercury Retrograde (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll just have to tune in to find out!), a divorce mid-sale that she had to keep quiet, self-fulfilled prophesies, and a happy – and relieving – ending for the books.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Introducing Isabel
  • 01:15 – She’s under 30 years old and already a success, she’s been selling real estate in Austin for 4 years, and sold real estate outside of New Jersey for a couple years
  • 02:15 – They live in central Austin now, which is closer to her family in Oklahoma; when driving out of Austin, they say “We’re not in Austin anymore, we’re in Texas”
  • 03:30 – Isabel’s CSIRE story
  • 03:45 – A client who wanted to sell their house said they wanted to wait until after Mercury Retrograde to sell because contracts aren’t to be signed during that time
  • 04:30 – Isabel was respectful, asked questions, and asked if she wouldn’t take an offer if it was given during Mercury Retrograde; the client said she would
  • 06:15 – They still listed the house; the clients were awesome and Isabel liked them and they got multiple great offers that first weekend
  • 07:10 – She calls the client and finds out the couple is getting a divorce; it was like a self-fulfilled prophecy and things got crazy
  • 07:55 – He had bought the property before they got married, so lawyers and multiple parties needed to get involved; she was representing both
  • 08:31 – She called for “best and final” and determined that something would be signed in 24 hours; that’s when she found all this out
  • 09:04 – All the agents expected a quick resolution and she had to keep everything confidential
  • 10:00 – Sometimes the seller’s agent can’t share everything; the other agents started flipping out and wanted to know what was going on
  • 11:20 – They thought the sellers were just wanting to get more money; eventually she could tell them that there was a possible divorce going on
  • 13:00 – They finally come to an agreement about what’s going to happen with the money and are willing to close; all 3 offers stuck around
  • 14:01 – She knew which one was the highest, but the other two were nicer
  • 14:56 – By the time they sit at the closing table, they had decided not to divorce; she felt honored to take them through the transaction
  • 16:00 – One of the hardest things to learn and maintain as a realtor
  • 16:05 – The ability to slow down, stay calm, and act with caution with clients that are highly emotional
  • 16:55 – You want a passionate realtor that can slow it down and get serious when needed
  • 17:26 – The couple decided to take the money and travel; they’re doing well
  • 18:00 – How to contact Isabel: com or on Instagram @funkyhomesofaustin; she also has a new podcast called Funky Homes of Austin

3 Key Points

  1. Be respectful of your client’s beliefs and always ask questions.
  2. Crazy shit always happens in real estate!
  3. As a realtor, slow down, stay calm, and act with caution.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 126: Isabel Affinito

Aired on:
July 26, 2018

Sometimes you’ve gotta keep a secret. And sometimes Mercury Retrograde impacts your client’s decision to sign any contracts...

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