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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Part 2 with the one and only Sher Powers of Nashville. Sher built an extensive background in investment real estate before becoming a full-service REALTOR®. In this episode, Sher tops last episode’s story of too many cockroaches with a hair-raising story of a house full of guns and a spying homeowner. Sher also imparts a couple of hard-earned lessons for new realtors to be aware of.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 — A re-cap of Sher’s background
  • 01:01 — From Nashville, TN
  • 01:04 — Has a small, boutique agency called Urbane Residential Specialists
  • 01:08 — Works with investors to buy, fixup, renovate and resell, as well as with 1st-time homebuyers
  • 01:43 — What drove Sher to become a full-service realtor
  • 02:11 — Ended up in a partnership doing eight renovations a month
  • 02:27 — Would see 1st-time homebuyers unhappy with circumstances of their purchase
  • 02:52 — Realized entry-level realtors were representing the most vulnerable buyers
  • 03:14 — “My heart was really drawn to 1st-time buyers and helping them have a great first experience.”
  • 05:10 — Sher’s CSIRE story
  • 05:11 — She was working with a family, 1st-time homebuyers, who were looking at entry-level properties
  • 05:42 — As Sher and the couple walked through the house, they found 50 weapons, all out in the open
  • 05:59 — “There were grenades.”
  • 07:10 — Client commented that whoever lived in the house was scary, and they didn’t think they wanted to do business with them, and then they heard a giggle
  • 07:29 — “I’m getting goosebumps telling you now.”
  • 07:40 — After a second giggle, Sher realized they were being spied on, and they decided to get out of there
  • 08:32 — “We were basically being spied on by this guy who had an arsenal.”
  • 10:09 — Houses on the market need to be prepared for the public to come through
  • 10:27 — Realtors can’t be with their clients the whole time
  • 10:44 — Lock up anything related to weaponry, lock up prescription drugs
  • 11:03 — Tell your realtor about any cameras or safe houses inside the house
  • 12:19 — Never allow sellers to stay after closing unless money is held in escrow
  • 12:28 — Had to spend her entire commission on replacing a hardwood floor
  • 12:35 — Seller had asked if they could move out after closing
  • 12:50 — Left a beautiful rug in the living room, which revealed an unfinished floor beneath
  • 13:20 — “The entire floor had been cut out.”
  • 15:10 — Make sure sellers know what is deemed a fixture in the contract
  • 15:15 — Final walk-through had already been done when she got the call from her client
  • 15:29 — “They’ve taken all the rose bushes.”
  • 15:52 — Seller had removed 30 or 40 plants from the yard
  • 17:07 — Got the seller to purchase a large gift card to a nursery to try to match the size and look of the original landscaping
  • 17:48 — “It’s a challenge for every realtor to figure out what their clients are thinking.”
  • 19:59 — Sher’s contact information: Visit her websites com and Urbane Residential Specialists or Urbane Residential Specialists on Facebook

3 Key Points

  1. Sellers need to put away any unsafe possessions before the public comes through, such as weapons and medications.
  2. Don’t let sellers stay in the property past closing without extra money in escrow.
  3. Read the current version of your standard contract so you can educate your clients.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 130: Sher Powers Part 2

Aired on:
September 18, 2018

Part 2 with the one and only Sher Powers of Nashville. Sher built an extensive background in investment real estate before becoming a full-service...

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