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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

As the owner of her own real estate company, broker Addie Owens has seen her fair share of crazy shit in real estate. But what happens when she finds herself at a home she dubs “The Panty Palace”? Tune in to hear Addie’s reasons why she never visits a vacant home alone, and why safety measures are as equally important for your clients are they are for you.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:40 – Addie’s Background
  • 00:48 – She’s from a small town in the middle of Florida
  • 01:03 – She’s been in the business for 13 years with REO properties as her main source of business
  • 01:12 – She has 2 kids, ages 18 and 19 and she is married with a dog
  • 02:00 – The “Panty Palace”
  • 02:20 – She was contacted by a bank and assured that this mobile home was vacant
  • 03:07 – She contacted a locksmith and planned to meet at the mobile home together since it was in a heavily wooded rural area
  • 03:32 – The locksmith arrived early, and called her to confirm the house was vacant because he saw signs of life like a running fridge and food on the counter
  • 04:10 – She thought it could probably be a squatter so she called the local authorities to help handle the matter
  • 04:30 – She arrives and can barely get to the door because the ramp is covered by overgrown Jasmine vines
  • 04:54 – Managed to get inside only to find the place littered with beer cans and a dirty stained chair
  • 05:35 – There was also a two-foot deep perimeter of Sunday circular ads throughout the whole house
  • 05:58 – The local deputies arrived and in the master bedroom they found “mounds of panties of all shapes and sizes” that were strewn everywhere
  • 06:49 – Inside the second bathroom they discovered little plastic bottles that were filled with tiny amounts of fluid and they realized he was collecting his own fluids along with a freezer in each bedroom the police wouldn’t touch without a warrant
  • 07:54 – While they were there, the occupant came back to the home
  • 08:27 – Occupant was about to eat lunch when the locksmith came by so he fled because he had told the bank he had moved out
  • 09:44 – She couldn’t secure the house until the eviction process got started
  • 10:38 – Property Preservation crew calls to tell her the occupant built a shack at the end of the property and had been living there since his eviction
  • 10:57 – She ultimately declined the property because of the unsafe situation
  • 11:56 – Addie’s Safety Measures
  • 12:12 – Now she always schedules an appointment with a locksmith or Property Preservation before visiting a vacant lot
  • 13:24 – She modified her email signature to include that she requires a copy of a driver’s license before taking clients on showings and encourages her other realtors to do the same
  • 13:41 – There is always the opportunity for squatters, you can’t take your location for granted
  • 14:12 – It’s beneficial to have a mentor help walk you through some of these challenges
  • 14:58 – Addie’s contact information: visit her website at addieowens.com where you can contact her directly

3 Key Points

  1. Don’t go visit a site alone, especially if it’s in a secluded area
  2. Squatters can happen anywhere, never take your environment for granted
  3. Have established safety measures in place to protect both you and your clients


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 132: Addie Owens

Aired on:
October 2, 2018

As the owner of her own real estate company, broker Addie Owens has seen her fair share of crazy shit in real estate. But what happens when she finds herself at a home she dubs “The Panty Palace”?

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