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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


You haven’t seen crazy ‘till you’ve been physically assaulted by a co-worker for answering a phone, amiright? Harry Corcell, newbie realtor, comedian, and expert tech wiz, has got all the reasons why you absolutely should NOT contact him – and there are plenty! Harry is eager to please his clients and will do anything necessary to sell in the fastest and smoothest way possible. Listen in to hear how Harry’s skills from the corporate tech world transferred into real estate and how he’s using technology to his advantage.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Introducing Harry
  • 00:50 – He’s a father of three and located in Boston; he started doing real estate part-time while he was a stand-up comedian
  • 01:13 – Harry’s CSIRE story
  • 01:30 - He was renting apartments for a company; they didn’t have internet and did everything manually
  • 02:10 – The phone in the office kept ringing while he was with a client so Harry picked it up; his co-worker told Harry’s client to leave and began assaulting Harry
  • 02:15 – 20 years later, after working a corporate job, he got laid off and looked into getting his real estate license
  • 03:00 – Why people shouldn’t work with Harry
  • 03:22 – He’s high-profile on social media, he works with a mentor to offset his rookie mistakes, and he’s great at follow-up
  • 05:20 – He’s been in real estate for a short time, but his skills from working in technology are transferrable
  • 06:00 – He’s used to tough negotiations and is comfortable working harder to get the best results
  • 06:20 – The emotion evolved in real estate
  • 06:45 – Every transaction is personal
  • 07:50 – What Harry loves about real estate today
  • 07:58 – Technology makes deals easier
  • 08:50 – People are anxious to click through without reading, but technology does save lots of time
  • 10:15 – The convenience factor of online
  • 10:45 – Realtors know the community and neighborhood

3 Key Points

  1. Every transaction in real estate is personal.  
  2. Technology is great when used properly.
  3. Realtors know the community like a generic website doesn’t.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 139: Harry Corcell

Aired on:
January 10, 2019

You haven’t seen crazy ‘till you’ve been physically assaulted by a co-worker for answering a phone, amiright? Harry Corcell, newbie realtor, comedian, and expert tech wiz, has got all the reasons...

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