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Rachel didn’t think she’d be dealing with anymore crises after switching professions. That’s the beauty of real estate, you never know what you’re going to walk into next. In this episode, Leigh welcomes Rachel Hammer, a board director of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, who has been in real estate for over 11 years. She was a former crisis counselor for the government before she became a realtor. It looks like her experience has come in handy for this particular couple from Ottawa.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:22 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:37 – Introducing Rachel Hammer, from Ottawa
  • 00:51 – Rachel has been a realtor for 11 years
  • 00:54 – She is also a board director for the Ottawa Real Estate Board
  • 00:58 – She was a crisis counselor for the government in the past
  • 02:23 – Rachel’s story happened a year ago
  • 02:25 – She got a lead from their brokerage website
  • 02:29 – It was a gentleman interested in listing his home
  • 02:33 – Rachel contacted him and the man mentioned that his wife was working, so she wouldn’t be with them – Rachel didn’t think too much about this
  • 02:43 – She made an appointment and made a visit
  • 02:48 – It was the most beautiful home Rachel was going to list, so she was excited
  • 02:54 – The man was casual and laid back and he signed the papers right away
  • 03:03 – He told Rachel to set up an appointment with his wife
  • 03:13 – It took a few weeks for the wife to reply
  • 03:29 – She set-up an appointment
  • 03:36 – The woman was crying hysterically and was screaming at Rachel
  • 03:55 – Rachel learned that the couple hadn’t been together for 2 years and that he was already with another woman
  • 04:08 – Rachel couldn’t believe the man left Rachel to tell his wife that they were no longer together after 15 years and a child
  • 04:19 – The wife allowed Rachel in the house and they talked
  • 04:45 – After they talked, the wife asked Rachel if they were going to sign the papers
  • 05:00 – Rachel said “no” to be considerate
  • 05:11 – Rachel recommended the wife go see a lawyer
  • 05:43 – The husband wanted to sell but the wife tried to avoid showings
  • 05:52 – Rachel had to come up with a strategy to make the wife excited about the sale
  • 06:02 – They looked for a house very similar to the wife’s at a price she could afford on her own
  • 06:12 – They negotiated two deals within the same week that allowed the wife to move on
  • 06:25 – Rachel is still working with the ex-husband to find a new home for him and his new girlfriend
  • 07:00 – Rachel genuinely felt bad for the wife having to go through that sale
  • 07:37 – Each realtor has different qualities
  • 08:08 – Leigh commends Rachel about being client-first and not being selfish when she had the chance to push the sale
  • 08:47 – Rachel believes that things happen for a reason
  • 09:51 – Realtors help clients make the right decisions to find their perfect home
  • 10:58 – The house is usually the last part of that relationship
  • 11:58 – There is NO realtor training for dealing with clients’ emotions
  • 12:55 – It’s not about how long you’ve been in the business
  • 14:05 – Build a relationship with your realtors
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Key Points:

  1. A great realtor puts the client first in finding that perfect home.
  2. Show compassion to your clients – it’s not always about the money.
  3. Every home, every client, and every situation is different.


Crazy Shit In Real Estate Episode 42: Rachel Hammer

Aired on:
February 10, 2017

Rachel didn’t think she’d be dealing with anymore crises after switching professions. That’s the beauty of real estate, you never know what you’re going to walk into next. In this episode...

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