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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


In this episode, Leigh welcomes Pam Gebhardt to the show. Pam is a realtor in the Atlanta area and has been in the real estate industry for more than 26 years. Her crazy story describes a kind deed that went terribly wrong and is, indeed, a tragedy! Listen to hear why Pam no longer gives housewarming parties as a congratulatory gift to her clients.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:21 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:36 – Introducing Pam Gebhardt
  • 00:54 – Pam was trained in Education with a master’s degree in Mathematics
  • 01:01 – It’s her 26th year now, as a realtor in Atlanta
  • 01:58 – This is a true and crazy story
  • 02:12 – Pam lives in a gated golf course community
  • 02:17 – She sells and lists homes around the area
  • 02:21 – When Pam sells a luxury home, she throws a housewarming party for the clients
  • 02:37 – She sold a $2.8M brand new home to friends in her community
  • 02:48 – They closed in July, but her clients didn’t want to do the party until they had all the furniture in the house
  • 02:58 – They called Pam in mid-October for the party
  • 03:03 – They had the caterers and 140 guests ready
  • 03:27 – People were in the house – it was full
  • 03:35 – Pam and the owner were in the basement, in the home theater and bar
  • 03:49 – All of a sudden, Pam and her client noticed a smell – which they thought were people going up and down the elevator
  • 04:10 – Pam suggested to her client to get people off the elevator, which he did
  • 04:21 – They started to see smoke coming out of the cam lights
  • 04:27 – 5 minutes later, all the alarms went off in the house
  • 04:35 – Finally, they decided to go outside
  • 04:50 – There were flames shooting out of the fireplace
  • 05:06 – A person came up and told them to go in front of the house – somebody called the fire department
  • 05:18 – Everybody thought is was funny
  • 05:36 – The firemen advised them to take the cars out of the garage and remove all jewelry from the house
  • 05:51 – People were having fun outside
  • 05:58 – The firemen went up the house with a ladder
  • 06:27 – All of a sudden, all the firemen came running out of the house
  • 06:30 – All 120 guests were outside and they watched the house burn to the ground
  • 06:46 – Her clients lost everything! Fortunately, their old house was not sold and was still furnished
  • 06:58 – The client moved back to their old house and Pam recommended a reputable builder for them
  • 07:14 – Long story short, there was a defective fireplace
  • 07:19 – Pam makes sure that inspection amendments are being chased properly
  • 07:34 – Once the attic is in flames, there’s nothing that can save the house
  • 07:47 – The incident bothered Pam and the people in the community
  • 08:20 – The insurance company reimbursed the money
  • 08:49 – The clients were back in the house in a year and 21 days after the fire
  • 09:33 – The insurance company sued the fireplace company
  • 10:13 – It took Pam at least 2 years before she could talk about it
  • 10:30 – Her client’s father was a fire chief in another city, so he understood the gravity of what happened
  • 10:44 – The buyers now ended up with a much better home than they originally had
  • 12:03 – Pam’s clients made “lemonade out of lemons”
  • 12:32 – Pam now gives paintings instead of housewarming parties
  • 13:17 – Pam has a team of 3 and is located north-northeast of Atlanta
  • 13:30 – Contact Pam on her email
  • 13:50 – Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate

3 Key Points

  1. It pays to check, cross check, and triple check the quality of the house you’re buying.
  2. It’s normal to feel guilty for something bad that happens to the house you sold, even if it’s not your fault.
  3. Make sure to have a great home insurance for your home.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 47: Pam Gebhardt

Aired on:
February 28, 2017

In this episode, Leigh welcomes Pam Gebhardt to the show. Pam is a realtor in the Atlanta area and has been in the real estate industry for more than 26 years. Her crazy story describes...

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