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Crazy Shit In Real Estate


In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Tim Morgan whose story is enough to scare off any new realtor away from the profession. Tune in as Tim explains his “hairy” situation. He delves into what he would’ve done differently given this crazy event were to happen again and opens the discussion with Leigh about KEY safety precautions EVERY realtor should take at showings.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:38 – Leigh welcomes Tim Morgan
  • 01:08 – Tim has been in real estate for 3 years and he works in the area of Nashwood, New Hampshire; he is 21 years old but looks like he’s 12
  • 02:49 – Tim was looking at houses with a client
  • 02:52 – Every time he showed a house, it always ended with an awkward goodbye
  • 03:23 – The looked at a vacant property, and as they finished the downstairs, they made their way to the top
  • 03:48 – As Tim stepped into the master bath, his client had dropped his plants
  • 03:59 – Tim was stuck in a “hairy situation”
  • 04:08 – As a new agent, it was scary
  • 04:23 – Tim was trapped, there were no exits
  • 04:40 – Tim was standing there not knowing what to say or do
  • 04:53 – Tim said to the client, “Real estate services are the only things I provide”
  • 04:58 – The client zipped up his pants and parted ways with Tim
  • 05:03 – Tim followed up, and the client ended up buying the condo they had the incident in
  • 05:48 – This has never happened since with any other client
  • 06:03 – Tim sent him the typical gifts he’d send his previous clients to maintain contact, but didn’t receive any further business for him
  • 06:44 – Leigh wants to highlight the need for safety for realtors
  • 07:02 – “You put yourself into a dangerous situation”
  • 07:08 – What would you do differently?
  • 07:15 – Tim says that he’d advise another agent or someone from the office where he was going to be
  • 07:38 – Tell your client to venture the property by themselves first
  • 07:46 – Sometimes new realtors put themselves at unnecessary risk to make that first sale
  • 08:03 – Make sure you have access to your phone
  • 08:12 – Ensure you have an exit strategy
  • 08:53 – Make sure you have an unlocked back door
  • 09:00 – Don’t put yourself in the driveway first, so that you can be blocked in
  • 09:38 – Tim showed the utmost professionalism by focusing on the real estate
  • 10:00 – He followed up on the sale and followed through on his real estate services—Leigh commends Tim
  • 11:22 – Tim meets clients at a Starbucks first; then moves on to the actual listings as a safety measure
  • 11:37 – Tim has an agent-partner that has full access to his schedule for accountability and safety reasons
  • 11:55 – There are great agents out there that aren’t always competing with you and can partner with you in this way
  • 12:30 – Email Tim at tim@morganmoves.com or call him 603-769-1571
  • 13:03 – Leigh is glad that Tim persevered past that unsavory early real estate experience
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3 Key Points

  1. Realtors should build each other up and watch out for each other—not solely just compete with one another.
  2. As a realtor, do what you need to ensure your safety at viewings.
  3. Whatever situation you run into, it pays to maintain your professionalism.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 87: Tim Morgan

Aired on:
September 18, 2017

In this episode, Leigh’s guest, Tim Morgan whose story is enough to scare off any new realtor away from the profession. Tune in as Tim explains his “hairy” situation.

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