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Tune-in and listen to an enthusiastic George Wonica share the best and most entertaining stories from his 26 years as a realtor. Being the son of a realtor, George started off in this business at a young age, and has a wide arsenal of interesting stories to tell. George offers his advice for those wanting to buy or sell a house and he urges everyone to get better at what they do, but at the same time, to NEVER forget to have FUN along the way.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:32 – Leigh welcomes George
  • 01:23 – From Staten Island, New York, George is a broker associate, certified residential appraiser and mortgage broker
  • 01:33 – George has held a broker license for 25-26 years now
  • 02:13 – Being the son of a realtor and in this business for so long, George has a wide repertoire of stories
  • 02:37 – Story #1: “Sorting out marital issues”
  • 02:43 – Happened 15-16 years ago while doing an appraisal
  • 03:04 – Had to inspect the house with only the wife present
  • 03:25 – When George entered the house to inspect, the woman sent her kid outside to play with her friends
  • 03:43 – Dressed provocatively in a robe, the lady started talking about her marital issues
  • 04:22 – The woman asked George to come up with a really low price so that she could buy out her husband
  • 04:28 – George firmly stated that he was appointed by the court to appraise a fair value
  • 04:37 – Expressing that she was ready to do anything, the lady opened up her robe
  • 05:20 – Based on what happened, George’s father could not wait to go to the property himself!
  • 05:40 – When George’s father finally got the chance to inspect the house, the kid stayed in the house the whole time and nothing out of the ordinary happened
  • 06:27 – Story #2: “Love knows no boundaries”
  • 06:43 – While working on a foreclosed property, George came across a property that had a lockbox on it
  • 06:56 – When he tried to do walk-in, he found out that somebody was actually living in that foreclosed, vacant house
  • 07:21 – Often squatters break into a foreclosed house; however, squatters do not tend to respond, and simply run away when confronted
  • 07:51 – He was surprised to find out that the intruders were not squatters, but a couple of real estate agents
  • 08:06 – He found out that the agents decided to make the house their “love shack”
  • 08:43 – Even today when he runs into these agents, he can’t help but smile
  • 09:58 – “Always have a lot of fun in this business. You never know who you are going to find, whom you are going to meet, or what you are going to walk into!”
  • 11:25 – Getting mentored by his father has contributed to George’s success
  • 12:44 – He’s learned a lot about owning property and purchasing property from his father; he bought his first property before he even started drinking
  • 13:05 – Got an early start since he could build upon what he learned from his dad
  • 13:30 – In spite of his old age, George’s father does not shy away from using the latest technologies and gadgets
  • 15:43 – “You have to smile and you have to have fun. Don’t take anything too seriously”; outlook has changed after having 3 kids
  • 16:38 – Try to have fun every single day, try to get better at what you do every single day, and try to be a better person every single day
  • 17:03 – Buyers and sellers do not want you to be serious all the time; they want you to give real opinions, have real falls and live life with them
  • 17:36 – George believes in wearing his heart on his sleeve and calling a spade, a spade
  • 18:54 – Contact George through his website; though George works primarily in Staten Island and Brooklyn, he can connect you with realtors anywhere in the New York State
  • 19:34 – Alternatively, you can connect with George via Instagram or Facebook; gswonicasells is George’s Snapchat id
  • 19:44 – Call George on 718-442-2880 (Ext. 105)
  • 21:24 – Takes time off to play with and coach his kids
  • 22:28 – Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate
  • 22:43 – Visit Crazyshitinrealestate to access show notes for this episode

3 Key Points

  1. Wear your heart on your sleeve and call a spade a spade; buyers and sellers want your real, honest opinion.
  2. Try to have fun every single day, try to get better at what you do every single day, and try to be a better person every single day.
  3. Find a good mentor who can help you find success early on in your career.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 88: George Wonica

Aired on:
September 21, 2017

Tune-in and listen to an enthusiastic George Wonica share the best and most entertaining stories from his 26 years as a realtor. Being the son of a realtor, George started off in this business...

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