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The last thing you’d expect during a house visit is to be greeted by a house owner in his birthday suit. But, since this is the case for today’s guest, Jason Pee, tune-in to find out just how he handled this unsavory predicament. In this episode, Leigh welcomes Jason Pee, a realtor in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:21 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:35 – Leigh introduces Jason
  • 00:57 – Jason is from Charleston
  • 01:12 – Leigh shares the first time she met Jason
  • 03:05 – Tax sales can be risky, but if you’re a long-termer, it shouldn’t be that bad
  • 03:20 – Most people are after the interest
  • 04:02 – Jason and Leigh both love the article about the couple who bought a street in San Francisco
  • 04:24 – There was a property in Charleston that Jason was looking up for his client, but he had a hard time finding the owner
  • 05:00 – Jason met the owner
  • 06:30 – The 85-year old owner greeted Jason at his front door naked
  • 09:00 – Jason felt uncomfortable and told his client what was happening over the phone
  • 09:20 – Jason told the owner that he’d just leave the offer, so he can think about it
  • 10:01 – Jason got a call from the owner two days later
  • 10:20 – The owner told Jason that he appreciated the fact that Jason did not tell him to put on clothes because he hates clothes
  • 10:30 – The owner told Jason that he’s open to the deal
  • 11:00 – Jason shares some other weird experiences during a house visit
  • 12:10 – Assumptions made about realtors
  • 12:36 – Jason always tries to educate his neighborhood
  • 13:12 – Jason lost everything he had during the market crash
  • 13:31 – Jason now tries to give back to people by helping them
  • 14:14 – Get opinions before offering your place to people who buy property
  • 14:37 – The flip sales explained
  • 15:42 – Ask your community who you should talk to if you need help with your property
  • 16:20 – Realtors want to protect affordable housing too
  • 16:39 – Jason knows just who to work with
  • 17:06 – Jason shares about a deal that one of his colleagues had
  • 18:53 – Jason wants investors to have fair play in the
  • 20:50 – Reach Jason at www.charlestonglobalpropertyshop.com or at 68 Line Street, Charleston, SC
  • 21:18 – Jason is getting his new office on King St.
  • 21:35 – Call or text Jason at 843-532-0128 If you have questions—even if it’s just about Charleston
  • 23:10 – Tweet Leigh Brown for your very own crazy story in real estate

3 Key Points

  1. Stay professional regardless of the circumstance—don’t tell people what they should or should not do.
  2. When selling your property, seek opinions from those who are well-versed in the industry, don’t fall prey to flip sales.
  3. Invest in a manner that’s fair.


Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 90: Jason Pee

Aired on:
October 3, 2017

The last thing you’d expect during a house visit is to be greeted by a house owner in his birthday suit. But, since this is the case for today’s guest, Jason Pee, tune-in to find out just how he...

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