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Crazy Shit In Real Estate

Snow boots or cowboy boots? Pizza or salad? Director of Marketing Frankee Chapa talks about the difference between real estate in Maine and Texas, the “real estate 15” (or 30) and ways to combat it, and the importance of putting your best out there, whether it’s your personal appearance or your MLS photos.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:
  • 00:50 – As the Director of Marketing for an office, Frankee works in San Antonio, Texas and has been in real estate for about 6 years, starting in Maine
  • 01:42 – She likes to discuss the difference between the real estate business in Maine vs. Texas
  • 01:50 – small town vs. city, rural vs. urban, only small business vs. tons of options
  • 02:30 – the “real estate 15” (or maybe more like 30!)  instead of the “freshmen 15” because of the number of builders, warranty companies, etc. etc. that feed you unhealthy food all the time
  • 03:16 – Frankee schedules these meetings and tries to push for healthier food
  • 04:20 – How do you keep your realtors from getting fat?
  • 04:24 – Health challenges each month like drinking a gallon of water or exercising for 30 minutes each day
  • 04:54 –In real estate you care about your image and show that with outfits and your outward appearance
  • 05:15 – What else is different between Maine and Texas, besides the “real estate 15/30”?
  • 05:20 – In Maine you always keep your snow boots in your trunk, in Texas they’re replaced with cowboy boots
  • 05:52 – The outfits are very different, in Texas they’re big and beautiful and in Maine they’re more simple
  • 06:13 – The importance of dress
  • 06:10 – Dress like a professional that is handling your client’s important asset
  • 6:30 – If you dress like you care, it changes the way you carry yourself
  • 07:04 – The agents in Texas look dressy with a good pair of cowboy boots
  • 07:20 – The number of agents: In Maine there were 900, ½ of which were probably part-time, and in Texas there are 10,000
  • 08:00 – It seems like there is less competition in Maine, but it’s a head game because not all agents are good and hardworking, so the pool of good agents is small wherever you go
  • 08:23 – Many realtors don’t focus on professional photos, marketing, and what clients want
  • 08:58 – Frankee saw a realtor who took photos of a property, took a screenshot on their phone of the photo, then actually uploaded that to the MLS for buyers to see
  • 09:26 – This was a bigger company and Frankee is surprised that it was allowed by the company and the client
  • 10:15 – Taxidermy room on MLS…appropriate?
  • Frankee works at ReMaxx North San Antonio: Website
3 Key Points
  1. Maintain your personal appearance – beat the “real estate 15” with challenges at the office.
  2. Every state has its style, but always keep it classy!
  3. No matter how competitive your market, stand out with quality, professional work.

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 92: Frankee Chapa

Aired on:
October 19, 2017

Snow boots or cowboy boots? Pizza or salad? Director of Marketing Frankee Chapa talks about the difference between real estate in Maine and Texas, the “real estate 15” (or 30)...

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