9 Ways Real Estate Is Star Wars (Or Is Star Wars Real Estate?)


I mean, for real. How can you NOT hear those first few notes and not immediately get excited? I bet even John Williams gets goosebumps when he hears it and he wrote the dang thing. What do you listen to on the way to a buyer consultation or a listing appointment? There’s definitely power in music to change your mood and outlook! I like listening to Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” before a listing appointment to get myself ready for the conversation. What’s your go-to?

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher don’t have to be young to be kick-ass amazing. Except for a few nasty trolls on Twitter, I think everyone was glad to see them in all their no-longer-young glory. Because Lord knows, there is a glory to growing old (it’s not for sissies). Plus, those youngsters who thought the Jedi were a myth? They were crazy awesome as well. Real estate has traditionally been the home for the second or third career folks (which is part of how we wind up with an average Realtor age of 57), but we are seeing a surge of agents making this their first career. And consumers don’t care about the age of their agent-they care about knowledge, expertise, and compassion. None of which are age exclusive. So rock on, no matter how old you are.

Pretty sure Finn and Rey weren’t too thrilled about visiting with Maz but boy howdy, she rocked their worlds. Han Solo and Chewbacca had the knowledge and background to get moving again. Princess/General Leia rocked the house, period. We see this in real estate all the time. Older/experienced agents are routinely taking new agents under their wings to show the ropes-to teach how to overcome objections-to explain terminology-to be a sounding board in a crazy world. I think it’s happening more than is known and would love if we talked more about those who lifted us all up along the way, to be the constant reminder that anyone who is experienced has an obligation to return the favor.

Han Solo was thrilled to get the Millennium Falcon back but was a little grumpy at Rey having already been on board. He grudgingly accepts her help in flying the ship and realizes that her expertise is a benefit. I see this with the newer/younger agents who have an organic knowledge of technology and who are reaching out to older agents who hold it at arms’ length. We are all better when we help each other. It doesn’t have to be a fistfight all the time, even in a competitive business.

Han Solo needs Chewbacca. Leia needs Han Solo. Luke needs someone (bless him). Ren needs a soul. Finn needs Poe. And Rey needs Finn, even if she hated to admit it. Life is lonely if you think you can manage by yourself. Not just lonely, but so much harder than it needs to be. I don’t know of many careers as lonely as real estate. When you’re a bunch of 1099s running around competing, it’s hard. When things get tough, your spouse/partner tunes you out, your friends don’t get it, your fellow agents get too hung up on lollipops/sunshine/glitter, and you can feel isolated. Find a friend. Maybe in your market, maybe somewhere else across the country, but build the support system that helps you survive-because the you that survives does a heck of a lot better job for clients.

In the cool battle scene in the snow, when the world is starting to turn on itself, the chasm opens. We never know if the one side is done or just resting-but the movie wasn’t over and neither was the possibility of saving everything. That’s kind of like a negotiation. Just when you think it’s over, the crazies or stubborns have won, things awaken and you have one more chance. Sometimes, that’s all you need-one more chance.

Pretty sure that every character in Star Wars of any episode makes a mistake. Yet 38 years later, here they still are, saving the universe one system at a time. And guess what-we still love them. Even ol’ Ren still is loved despite his choices. Real estate, in the trenches, is the same way. Some transactions go bad-no matter how hard you worked or how hard you tried. But you get another chance the minute you pick up the phone and talk to your next potential You live, you learn, you get better.

I mean, come on. Two love stories? For a woman who enjoys a good chick flick with a happy ending, it was pleasantly surprising to have not one but two sweet relationships to grin over. (Not really sure that this is a real estate moment, but I had to get it in here somehow.)