Awesome Green Smoothie

March 28, 2017


But for food? That's trickier. I mean, I love some vegetables. The whole ones, all roasted to perfection (and if you think you don't like Brussels Sprouts, you haven't tried them tossed in a little coconut oil with salt and pepper, roasted at 425 for 30 minutes).

Smoothies, though? They are not supposed to be green. They're supposed to be pink and orange and maybe purple.

However, I'm middle-aged now. Dadgummit. Which means I need more vegetables and more protein and more fiber and less crap in my diet.

It also means I have some fruits and veggies that get a little pitiful from time to time and then my cheapskate side kicks in and I'm NOT going to waste a thing!

Today's 8-mile run left me starving and honestly just not interested in more eggs. Time to bring out the blender and lemme see what I can do!

I know, I know. It looks like something that skinny people on the internet drink. Well, it's also something that middle-aged, middle-speed, medium-sized people drink and it's FABULOUS.

Maybe I'll make it again... tomorrow!


Blend it.
Drink it.

And the perk? I stayed full for 6 hours and didn't even want a snack.

*according to My Fitness Pal's math, this came to 376 calories. Half of that, if you share. But for me? I don't share well.