Find the Balance in Your Home with Feng Shui

Find the Balance in Your Home with Feng Shui -

Keep it out of the bedroom. Keep TVs and other electronics in other parts of the house. If you must have them in your bedchamber, put them in a cabinet with doors that can be closed at night.

Speaking of bedrooms, no fountains in there, hmm?

And about that bed... make sure there's always a solid wall behind yours. Don't sleep under a beam!

Watch that reflection. Mirrors should never break it up, so don't use tiled mirrors or hang them too low (you don't want to cut off your head).

Close that toilet! Keep toilet seats & covers down and all drains closed or covered.

Rotate things. Make sure you use all the burners on your stovetop, making sure they all work. Prune it. Remove dead leaves and plants from the house (bad juju there!)

Keep walkways and your porch clear and inviting.

Got burned-out lightbulbs? Change them immediately and brighten things up.

Soften things. Avoid using fluorescent lights; they suck the energy out of you.

Keep it quiet. Oil the hinges on squeaky doors & make sure they all open and close easily.