Leigh's Tips: Hurricane Florence - How to Be Prepared NOW and AFTERWARDS

September 13, 2018

Hurricane Florence is upon us. The NC and SC coast are currently either getting hammered or about to get hammered. I want you to understand that yes, the storm is HUGE… but I need you to also comprehend what we will be dealing with now and in the aftermath of this storm.

First of all –
If you stay and you need to get rescued, you will be taking advantage of our First Responders and they are a valuable resource. So, get in your car and LEAVE!

Second of all –

Yes, you need water and bread, but make sure you also get the items you will need post-storm. Here is a short list of supplies and here is a
that will help keep you organized:
- Utility knives for cleaning out sheetrock
- Masks (to protect yourself from sheetrock dust)
- Duct tape
- Cleaning wipes
- Paper towels
- Large trash bags
- Batteries
- Matches (protect them by placing them in baggies)

Lastly, do not forget that many, many people are going to be devastated, overtired, and overworked (think about all of the linemen who are going to be working their tails off). If you cannot offer monetary assistance, maybe you can offer a hug, a place to charge a cell phone, a cup of coffee, a place for kids who are out of school, or just a lending hand.

We will need to pull together after this doozie of a storm, but generally disasters like this one bring out the best in people.

We have no time to waste.