Robert's Fresh Blueberry Streusel Muffins

August 28, 2020

Hello friends, welcome back to My Kitchen! My Rules! 

I'm gonna show y'all a how-to cooking tip for getting your baked goods out of your bundt pan, sheet cake pan or, in this specific case, your muffin tin, easily. When your recipe says, grease it and flour it, pull our your Crisco, I prefer the butter flavored Crisco, and your White Lily all-purpose flour and a sandwich baggie. Watch the video to see what you do next, because I'm fixing to do something with that pan that will make you jump up and slap your Mama!

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I kind of feel like a genius for making these muffins. Every time I make something like this, I feel magical. You too can be magical, with a few ingredients, little bit of love, and little bit of an afternoon.

Leave me a comment saying I WANT A DIXIE CRYSTAL #COUPON, and I will make sure you get one.

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