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December 23, 2020

Welcome back to My Kitchen! My Rules! Holiday Series

Green beans, string beans, snap beans, haricots verts—whatever you like to call ’em-are the simple, stringy veggies that have graced practically every dinner table. Especially around the holidays. And what’s not to love about green beans? They’re available year-round, they’re quick to cook and they complement almost any meal.

Not only are green beans a nice, crunchy, low-calorie food but also they provide many key nutrients. Young, tender green beans are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin K and silicon which is needed for healthy bones, skin, and hair.   They are grouped with other vegetables such as onions, lettuce, celery, and cabbage because their nutrient content is similar to those foods. Who knew!?!?

For this Green Bean recipe, we added a few strong ingredients to ensure GREAT flavor, as these type of beans can be boring — and we can’t have that!  My secret ingredient is red pepper flakes — seriously! Add chicken stock to boil them in instead of water ... And if you planned well, you will have Hobe's sugar cured ham in your fridge to add a little Wilkesboro, NC flair. Your dish will be honestly delicious!

Oh! and friends, New Years food favorites are really a ‘thing’. There are black eyed peas, of course, but also fish, noodles, pork, and even grapes, all suggestions from a variety of different cultures and traditions. While you could pick and choose, we say cover your bases and try as many lucky foods as you can! After a year like 2020, we need all the luck we can get – even while eating!

Secret Tips to Make it Your Own ::

Now that you know how to cook green beans, it’s time to add a little pizzazz to your side dish. Here are few simple ways to bring extra flavor, without much extra work!

1. Play nice with herbs and spices.

Fresh herbs like dill, tarragon and thyme are good flavors with green beans. To learn more, check out this guide to cooking with fresh herbs. Got a spice rack the size of Mount Everest? Red pepper flakes, garlic powder and smoked paprika work well, too.

2. Go nuts.

Slivered almonds, pine nuts, and cashews add extra crunch. Try this recipe for Buttery Almond Green Beans to get started.

3. Make it super savory.

It’s a proven fact that everything tastes better with bacon. Crumble a few extra-crispy pieces on top of your green bean side.


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