It's Time We Raise the Bar

February 2, 2024

Professionalism in real estate is something I'm very passionate about. As an industry leader, I've seen firsthand how appearances and behaviors impact both clients and an agent's career. While change can be difficult, we must be willing to have honest conversations if we want to continually improve. In this post, I share my candid perspective on elevating standards from the ground up.

Setting the Tone Through Appearances

As professionals handling six-figure transactions, it's time we look the part. Yoga pants and ripped jeans send the wrong message that we don't take our jobs seriously. Dressing professionally tells clients we're focused solely on their needs.

Delivering Expert-Level Service and Advice

Being knowledgeable is table stakes - we must go above and beyond. Commit to lifelong learning through education, community involvement and sharing valuable resources. Establish yourself as a local expert people turn to for real estate guidance.

Leading by Example  

Top producers raise the bar for others. We must encourage each other daily to strengthen skills. By committing together to excellence, the entire industry is lifted. Are you ready to distinguish yourself as an industry leader?

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