Lubbock Love Oat Bars Recipe

October 6, 2023

Lubbock Love Oat Bars

My Daughter's College Care Package

My daughter just headed off to school, and I wanted to find a simple treat to send in her care package that would be both nourishing and easy for her busy schedule. I created these 4-ingredient oat bars inspired by my grandma's frugal cooking.

My grandma always whipped up easy, affordable meals like this for our family. With just a few pantry staples, she could feed a crowd. I wanted to recreate that homey comfort for my daughter as she adjusts to life away at college.

The recipe comes together in a snap with just butter, brown sugar, oats, and vanilla. No fancy equipment is needed – mix it all in a bowl and bake. The result is a crispy-chewy granola bar perfect for noshing between classes or fueling late-night study sessions.

Since the oat bars travel well and keep for over a week, it's ideal for care packages. I'll also include an extra sweater since West Texas weather can be unpredictable! With any luck, these oat bars will help satisfy cravings, boost morale, and maybe even earn me "Mom of the Year" from my daughter and her new friends.

Y'all ready? Let's get cookin'!  

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