What Are You Feeding Your Brain?


Now, I’ll be the first one to tell you how much I enjoy smut. Television, radio, books that are made for sheer pleasure and not a smidgen of intellectual quality are just sometimes the candy I need (because I have GOT to get off the refined sugar, but that’s a soapbox for a different day!). For example, there is not even one good reason to watch The Bachelor, yet I sure do.

But like sugar, they are occasional treats, not the staple of my diet. What you feed your brain is no different than considering what you feed your body. You want to get smarter? Grow your business? Better engage with clients? Then you have to read and absorb the materials that will encourage that growth.

One way that I squeeze the good stuff into my day is through listening to podcasts. They’re free. Apple forced that little app onto your phone anyway, so fill it up! Here’s what I’m listening to:

I’m busy. Y’all are busy, too. I get it. It’s your top excuse for not doing what you should. There are a zillion great podcasts out there-how about suggesting your own in the comments? And remember, there is no silver bullet for real estate success, but that’s no reason not to build your arsenal from the brain out!